Trefík: software for sport betting

Millions of results and odds on your computer

A huge database with sport results and odds directly on your computer! You can analyze the database using the Trefík features, check the efficiency of different betting strategies using the real odds at various bookmakers. You can get the extraordinary possibility how to check the efficiency of your own prediction strategy. Trefík contains odds already since 1996, which gives you really huge potential for deep testing the betting efficiency.

Sample: best fresh odds for English Premier League

We do not offer any "sure tips" how to profit with betting. We offer the way how you can create your own bettings strategy using Trefík features and the huge archive database. Trefík can check the strategy at the past matches and if you wish Trefík can help with using that checked strategy for the future matches.

Statistics for live betting

You can easily find out how the two teams played in the same situation in the past. How many times after the current time and/or result they scored / got a goal, ...

Comparing Odds

Data in Trefík is continually updated. Results, goal scorers and match odds. You can track down what odds are falling or rising and looking up your tips accordingly.

Search for Matches

Trefík can find a match in the current offer or in a long past that meets all 7 requirements you consider to be essential to start thinking about the match.

Poisson Distribution

The program allows Poisson's distribution to estimate the outcome of the match. From matches played, Trefík will get the necessary variables to predict the score of the upcoming matches.

Interesting examples of working with Trefik - everything you can watch

How will end the next team match after three non-winnings at home? How did the same team deal with this situation in the past? Is it worthwhile for a team to bet that it will finally win home?

Analysis of soccer matches in the context of 80 minute goals scored. The results can be used especially for live betting during the match. Would it be worth betting on specific opponents to score after 80 minutes?

Analysis of the popular bet "Both Teams Score". It does not matter the outcome of the match, but only the goals scored. We can bet whether or not the goalkeepers of both teams will be overcome. Even with this, Trefik can help.

Detail point-by-point historical statistics for current matches in tennis.