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Trefik data updates
Data update: 18.2.2018, 11:36

Data are updated automatically in Trefik. It is enough just to activate the ONLINE mode You (at the right bottom corner of the Trefik main window, switching form the Offline mode).

The price of Trefik data updates is 0.75 EUR per week. If you decide to pre-pay for 25 weeks you get 2 additional weeks for updated for free. We provide updates for results, odds, goalscorers and also other data. If you activate the online mode then your Trefik receives all updates itself. The average cound of daily updates is fifty every day.

If you miss also older data after not using Trefik for a while then you have two options how to fully update Trefik. The first option is just to activate the Online mode and wait a bit. Another option is going into the Offline mode and using the Service / Reinstall feature - this will download all data at once and proceed the reinstallation with keeping your settings, predictions and coupons in Trefik.
Current data
Please just activate the Online mode. If you need to update data from past a few months then it might be faster to use: Offline / Service / Reinstall.
Download the latest Trefik version
  Archive data
Please use Trefik 15. To read the archive data just activate the ONLINE mode.
Or you can reinstall data in Trefik by: Offline / Service / Reinstall.
The payment for the data updates can be send to our Skrill or PayPal vkraus@trefik.cz account. It is also possible to use a standard bank account SEPA payment: BIC: BREXCZPPXXX IBAN: CZ68 6210 6701 0022 1259 7610, the payment ID = your Trefik invoice ID.
The price is 0.75 EUR per week. If pre-paying for 25 weeks you get 2 additional weeks for free.
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