Trefík Data Updates

How the data updates works in Trefík

The latest update was released at: 19.4.2024, 17:32

New updates are available every day every 15 minutes. From midnight to 7:30 am the updates are available approximately every 20 minutes.

Updating all data in Trefik takes place automatically. Just when the user activates ONLINE mode (bottom right in the opening window, switching from Offline mode).
Background activity  NO background activity
If the image with the status wheel is blue, then Trefík performs some background activity. If the status wheel is yellow, then no activity is performed.

If the mouse cursor is located on the status wheel, information will be displayed on what activity is currently in progress. It can be data updates, counting tables, running competitions, or installing odds (after installing Trefik). With the right mouse button, you can open a background action report on the circle image and check what Trefík tasks are doing.

If you do not have data for a longer period in Trefík, just activate ONLINE mode. Any missing data is then updated. It is also possible to download a new installation (Offline / Service / Reinstalling) - this is recommended if the data is missing for a really long period of time, or if it is forced to reinstall Trefík needed to restore Windows.

Downloading the latest Trefik15.exe version.

Data Updates Subscription

The price for the data updates is 1.25 EUR per week. If paying for 25 weeks at once the user gets extra 2 bonus weeks for free.

The weekly amount for access to updates is deducted from your account when you activate ONLINE mode in that week. The week is always counted from Monday to Sunday. If the updates are not used in that week, the amount is not deducted.

It is possible to send the payment using a bank card.

It is possible to pay for the data updates using our account at PayPal.

It is also possible to use a standard bank account SEPA payment in EUR: BIC: FIOBCZPPXXX, IBAN: CZ52 2010 0000 0027 0250 8684.

The ID for the payment should be the Trefík invoice number. You can find it directly at your Trefík: the Updates sections, the button Info:
Variabilní symbol

The minimum fee for paying the subscription is 3.75 EUR.

The number of weeks that are prepaid is shown directly in the Trefík: bottom right in the opening window:
How many weeks is prepaid
There are still 55 more prepaid weeks at the picture.