Software License Agreement

Software License Agreement Trefik (the "Software Product")

A license agreement between you (a physical or legal person - the "user") and the author of a software product, which is Ing. Vladimir Kraus, ID: 64873340 (registered in the Czech Republic) (hereinafter referred to as the "author").

Article I. - Copyright

All proprietary and copyright rights in the software product and any copy of the software product are property of the author of the software product. The software product is protected by the laws of the Czech Republic on copyright, the provisions of international treaties and all other relevant legislation. The same protection applies to the database, which is an integral part of the software product.

Article II. - Restrictions

a) the software product can not be further sold, leased and transferred without permission of the author,

b) the software product can not be included in another software product and distribute the products thus created, derived from the original software product,

c) the software product is forbidden to reverse analyze, decompile, or convert from machine code or otherwise modify,

d) is forbidden in any way to transfer the contents of the database that is part of the software product, outside the software product. The database is only allowed to work through a software product. The only exception is data export executed directly by the existing function of the software product: in this case it can user data exported solely for personal use, is not entitled to provide data to others.

Article III. - User Rights

a) the user is authorized to operate a software product solely for his personal use,

b) the user / natural person is entitled to install and use the software product on any number of computers, but always solely for personal use,

c) the user / legal entity is entitled to install the software product on as many computers as possible, for how much he has obtained the consent from the author,

d) the user has the right to use technical support, which is provided on the e-mail,

e) the user is entitled to use the "Updating Data" service under the conditions described on

Article IV. - Duration of the contract

a) the license agreement and therefore the right of the user to continue using the software product any longer, the user breaches the restrictions listed in Article II. and when there will be no user remedy within 5 days of notice from the author,

b) After the termination of this Agreement, the user is obliged to stop using the Software Product in any way whatsoever and is obliged to remove it completely from all your computers,

c) the user may withdraw from the license agreement by written request sent to the author's address. Also in this case the user must follow the previous paragraph of this article of the license agreement and stop using the software product.

Article V. - Liability for Damage

a) The author provided the user with the software product "as is". The author or distributor is not liable for damages of any kind caused by the operation of the software product,

b) the author pays the utmost attention to the accuracy of the data stored in Trefik program. The author is not responsible for the accuracy of the data in the program. Based on the data in the program, it is not possible to demand the payment of staked bets on any betting bet offices, or damages to the author.

Article VI. - Handling of personal data

a) when using Trefík, an IP address can be written to the log file on the server Log files are used solely for security reasons to ensure the proper running of the program and to handle them is authorized exclusively author. Data from log files is not passed to any other subject. The server's technical administrator is ZONER software, a.s.,

b) Installing the user's software product contains the user's name and identifies it as an authorized user. During the installation, the user's e-mail address is required. This information is kept for the identification of the authorized user. Personal data are not provided to any other subject,

(c) the author is required to remove the user's personal data from his records in the event of termination of this license agreement.