Frequently Asked Questions

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How to display the odds for various bet types?

In the Offer window, there is the combo box with available odds above the list of matches. Its content is influenced by both the bookmaker and the button on the left to this option. Various types of bets are registered in Trefík at various bookmakers.

How to display more bet types odds at once for a match?

Trefík contains various bet types for different bookmakers. After a double click on the match, a window showing all registered odds will be displayed (using the right mouse button menu, you can set whether to show odds on additional bet types). An overview of additional match bets is also available in the Offer window after clicking on the symbol on the left at each row.
It is also possible to display multiple bet types directly on the match information row at the Offer window. It is necessary to use the Filter for the Offer window, the Odds section. There are subsections Odds I, Odds II, Odds III: In each of them you can select the type of bet to be displayed and possibly also the bookmaker from which the odds to be displayed. After activating the newly available columns in the Filter / Column, odds on the overall result and odds on the result in all thirds of the match could be displayed at once.

How to show odds for matches which are not available for the currently selected bookmaker?

In the Offer window, we can also see matches that have not yet odds available for the selected bookmaker, or the bookmaker does not cover them at all. However, we may require odds to be visible in these matches as well. You can do this through the menu in the Offer window (can be called up either by the button at the top or by mouse right button at the list of matches): Odds / Odds from another bookmaker.

How to show the maximal odds from my selected bookmakers?

In the Offer window, for every match you can always see the highest available odds from selected bookmakers for each tip. You can use the menu to access it (you can either call up the button at the top or mouse right button on the list of matches): Odds / Odds from more bookmakers. In the menu that appears, first activate MULTI at the bottom, indicating that you want to see the maximum odds from the selected offices. Then mark all the bookies you want to look for the highest odds. Canceling this display mode is by deactivating the MULTI option.

How to add a match to a coupon?

First you need to open a Coupon window. If the automatic opening of this window is not set in the configuration when you run Trefík, you can open it by clicking in the right part of the lower bar of the opening window. Alternatively, you can open the "User" button at the top "Coupons" button.

Then create a new coupon with the PLUS button in the bottom left of the window. After that, just double-click on a match in a window with a list of matches to transfer the tip to the active coupon.

How to make Trefík run faster?

The speed of the disk is crucial for the speed of Trefík work. This is a large-volume database application. If you use a solid state drive, the program will be noticeably faster.
A necessary condition for using the program is to set antivirus exceptions for Trefik\db and Trefik\temp folders. If the exceptions are not set, the program response is both slower and the database may be damaged. Exceptions must be set in the antivirus section of the resident file scanning. There are no executable applications in both of the Trefík folders, it's just about ensuring that access to database files is not blocked.

In which folder can be Trefík installed?

The default folder when installing is C:\Trefik15. Because of the system restriction for working with data it is not possible to use the system folders: Program Files, Users, Documents.
It is necessary to activate the exceptions at your antivirus for the folders Trefik\db + Trefik\temp in order Trefík works properly.

How to restrict the competitions list in Trefík?

If you want to set which sports and competitions should be updated in Trefíl, use the Update Filter. You can find its settings: Settings / Configuration / Updates / Data Update Filter. It is possible to define the list of sports and competitions to be uploaded (and thus no other) or to create a list of sports and competitions that will not be updated.

If you do not want to limit the amount of competitions in the Trefík database, you can only limit the amount of displayed competitions. In the Offer window, you can use the Competition List Definition option (bottom right, adjacent to the match Filter area). In this way, we can define the different sets of competitions you wish to see. It is possible to create the group "Prestigious Football", "Central European Football League", "Second Leagues", etc. One competition can be included in several groups of competitions.

Where to find the results streak in Trefík?

A streak of consistent team results are different: winning in a row, not winning in a row, draws, non-draws, losses and non-winnings in a row (or not scoring any goal, scoring more than 1.5 goals, not winning 1st half, ...). Everything can be found in Trefík. You will reach them in three different windows:
  • Streak (a button at the Trefík main window) - in this window, streaks from all competitions of selected sport are recorded at once. By selecting Show Streaks, we can select the type of the streaks you are looking for (winnings, draws, etc.),
  • Table / Streak - this window records streaks in one competition. In the Table window, select the Streaks item instead of the default "Standard" value. Teams can be sorted by series type - by clicking on the header of the column with the appropriate series. You can also view the longest series in the competition - regardless of the team - by choosing the Longest Streaks.
  • Offer / Filter - another possibility is to use the filters at the Offer window. This way you can find a streak for any bet type selected in the Offer window.

How to update older results / data?

If for some reason you have no older results in Trefik, you can choose a double way to add them. You can reinstall the entire Treble using the Offline / Service / Reinstall feature.

The second option is to reload older online updates: Settings / Configuration / Updates .. at the bottom of the window, set the date you want to retrieve the data. Then confirm with the adjacent button and activate the ONLINE update mode.

How to activate the data subscription?

Information about data updates in Trefík

Is there any additional fee deducted if I do not download the results for some time?

No extra amount is deducted from the user's account in this case. Even if you do not download all the missing data after the year of non-use of Trefík (whether using the Update / Online installation or by loading archive files with results), only the amount of 1 EUR is deducted (only once a week when the update was loaded).

This means that online update of all data after one year of non-use Trefik is provided free of charge within the weekly update of the data. To add the archive and use updates in that week, the user will be deducted from his account for only 1 EUR.

How to obtain the competition fixtures at the beginning of the new season?

The fixtures are updated together with other data when using the standard Trefík data updates. There is no additional fee for that, the user do not need to take any care about the fixtures. We usually update the fixtures into Trefík a few hours after the fixtures were announced for the competition.

What to do if an error occurs in Trefík?

If any error occurs while working with Trefík, please report it to us. Always send a picture of the situation (you can create it by pressing Alt + S when sending an image by mail immediately or by using the Windows function: Ctrl + Alt + PrintScreen when the picture of the current window is placed in the Windows clipboard). Please also always send the log files from Trefík: Offline / (top right) Service / Mail / ... enter your email address and leave log files with a list of possible problems and a list of settings you use.

We also ask for a thorough description of the situation that led to the occurrence of an error. In response to an error, we need to be able to simulate the problem.