Profit at the Offer window

Counting profit for matches at Offer window

This sample provides a quick check of overal profit on the selected tip in the Offer window. This task can be done without using the Stats / Profit feature. The data can be directly at the list of matches.

It is necessary to create a simple filter. There will be no active conditions in it, just set to display the Profit columns:

.. and the window Filter / Columns:

Then, in the Offer window, for each match, the profit ratio is displayed relative to the stake. If the value is negative then the entire stake was lost. In order for the summaries to be displayed, you must use the right mouse button to display the footers with the data for each group:

.. the figure shows the total loss for the tip 1 (home win) is -0.07. For the tip X (tie) the loss is -0.15.

Similarly, we can analyze bets on the Under/Over 4.5. To do this, simply change the bet type to "G=4.5" above:

The last figure brings the betting profit for U/O 4.5 bet in the situation where we bet on the best available odds. Using the right mouse button, the Odds / More bookies selection / MULTI option. The result is as follows:

.. the reason for profit 1 is worse than in the previous case is the fact that more matches have odds U/O 4.5 as multiple bookies are selected now.

This way, you can quickly analyze the profitability of different match selection strategies. An alternative to this profit analysis is the Statistics / Profit feature.