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Trefik demo version
You can download for free the sample version of Trefik. This version should give you the basic idea how to work with Trefik and what Trefik can give you. It contains just a few competitions from this season, no archive data. Some functions are limited at this version. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail.
If you like the sample version then you are welcome to order the full version. The full version always contains full up-to-date data while the demo version installation may be a couple of weeks old.
Demo version description
Demo version contains all features as the full Trefik version. But it does not contain full data. You can find just a few competitions from the current seasons and no archive data in this version. You cannot save your game offer filters and you can create up to 10 coupons (there is no limit at the full Trefik version). You cannot edit any data at the demo version.
You can update data in your demo version. No new competitions are added with the updates but you can update results and odds in this version. You should count on running the data update directly after the installation because the demo version installation contains just the old data (this is not valid for the full version).
You must use at least the system Windows XP (Trefik works also under Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8). It is not possible to use Trefik at Windows 95/98.
This version needs about 3 GB. The full version (full configuration) needs about 40 GB (with odds from all available bookies, if you select just a few of bookies then the size is reduced to about 8 GB).
  Download and installation
Trefik 15 demo version download (updated on 12th September 2018)
About 400 MB of data would be downloaded during the installation process.
When running Trefiku for the first time please select the bookies you wish to have the odds from. Then please install the odds from selected bookies. After the online installation please activate the ONLINE mode.
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