Comparing Odds

You can easily compare odds for different bet types from your set of bookies

Trefík records current odds from many bookmakers. This gives the user the opportunity to compare the odds between the bookmakers. Either just for orientation or directly due to the selection of the bookie where the best bet is to place. Trefík is also able to calculate the odds of the created coupon when filing in different bookmakers:
Coupon   Coupon Odds

In Trefík, you can also compare odds for each match separately. In any window with a list of matches, a double-click on the match will pop up a window with a list of listed odds. In the following window you can easily sort the odds according to their height to the selected tip:
Comparing odds

In the figure the odds are ranked according to their height on the tip 2. By clicking the mouse button you can easily sort them according to another tip. The highest odds for that tip are bold in all rows. Trefík follows the history of odds development - the change of odds in one bookmaker. In the odds overview, changes are marked with arrows. If you want to see the exact amount of all listed odds in history, you can activate the All option at the bottom of the window.

You can click on the odds labeled as a link and view the betting website for the selected match. This allows you to verify the amount of odds, or quickly bet that tip in the selected bookie.

In the Trefík configuration, you can choose to show odds only for those bookies that the user is interested in. The examples above can only include odds from those bookmakers where the user can actually bet, or those he wants to compare with the offer of "their" bookies.