Offer / Filter: Tennis

Filtering tennis matches

Trefík allows to set which matches should be taken into counting the Filter / Balance / * stats in tennis.

The user can specify:

  • tournament prize money,
  • tournament surface,
  • whether to include or exclude tournament qualifications,
  • whether to include also the matches which were not fully played (w/o, ret.).

The settings defined above must be the subset of the settings defined at the section Filter / Which tournaments. For example it is not possible to allow at the section Filter / Which tournaments .. just the tournament played at grass and at the same time to define the clay surface at the new section selecting tournaments for Balance counting.

Another feature for tennis is the possibility of activating the option "Just 1st goal" at the section Balance / * / Number of scored goals" - in tennis this means just the result of the 1st set will be taken into account. Let's create a filter which would return 2 new columns: the number of matches with winning 1st set during recent 5 matches for both players (= "teams").

As for every tennis filter it is necessary to activate the option "Settings / Favorite team is always taken as home team". Because in tennis there is not define the home and the guest team it is really important to activate this filter option in order the tennis balances would be counted the right way.

Then we can set the condition of scored goals (= won sets) with the active option "Just 1st goal" (= won 1st set). It is necessary to set the "condition goals" > 0 (or = 1 .. it has the same meaning in this case):

Using the feature Filter / (more) / Columns we can select to show the columns with the number of won 1st sets for both players. The result of using the filter at the Offer window could be:
Tenis / První sety
The first new column shows the number of matches with won 1st set for the 1st player while the second new column shows this number for the 2nd player. Recent 5 matches are taken into account to get count the 1st set wins.