Ordering Trefík

New License and Upgrade

Demo Version

Sample version, contains only a few older contests, can not add or edit data.
All features are available as at full version.

Download DEMO version for free.

LIVE version

This version allows you to monitor and work with current odds. Thanks to this, it also offers surebets tracking.

Only for the price of data updates, also suitable for working with surebets

The live version only includes data since last year. Does not contain an archive of odds changes, only the last odds is always saved. Even when updating new data, the previous odds is always overwritten with a new value and the original odds is not preserved (unlike other versions of the program). In this version it is also not possible to manually enter match results (unlike other versions of Trefík) and all updates are thus loaded from the Online service (this is not a problem, manually entering results is only useful if the user of the full version does not want to pay for loading in the given week data and wants to enter results for "his" competitions himself).

This version requires far less disk space compared to other versions of Trefík. Thanks to a smaller database, it also offers faster work with the program. However, for the lower price, the user does not get a complete archive of data and the history of odds is not included. Neither the archive of live odds is included.

It contains data from all sports, during installation you can choose a variant: complete, without tennis, only tennis.

Price: 12.50 EUR. In this version, the user is credited with 10 weeks of free data updates upon purchase. With an update price of 1.25 EUR per week, the price of this version corresponds to exactly 10 weeks of updates, which the user receives for free.

Order LIVE Version

Tennis Version

Contains complete result and statistical service for tennis fans. The results of men's and women's tournaments since 1993 (some of the tournaments are older). The Doubles have been registered since January 1998. It also contains the archive of the ATP and WTA reankings (properly run since December 1998).

Since 2002, the qualifications of both men and women have been registered.

Price: 35 EUR. Including a month of free data updates.

Order Tennis Version

Version without Tennis

It contains a complete database of competitions from Trefik's offer, except for tennis tournaments.

With a tremendous amount of Trefik data, you can perform a variety of statistical operations, display different tables, balance, series, compare and analyze listed odds, ...

Price: 44 EUR. Including a month of free data updates.

Order non-Tennis Version

Full Version

Contains a complete database of sports data. It is a merger of the version without tennis and tennis version. Designed for those who are interested in all sports and want to have everything accessible from one place.

Contains data from all sports.

Price: 60 EUR. Including a month of free data updates.

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