Detail match stats in Trefík

Goalscorers, shots, possession and other detail match data

There are detail information about matches at the most competitions in Trefík: yellow and red cards, number of shots, corner kicks, offsides, fouls, and ball possession ratios. At the top competitions there are also the match squads of both teams. When analyzing other matches, Trefik user has a very detailed overview of the situation in previous matches and does not have to decide only with knowledge of the overall result of the previous match.

Trefík records the penalties in NHL, shots and the goalie stats. At NBA there are all the players with then number of points in Trefík.

Detaily o zápasu   Detaily o zápasu

From these data, different statistics can be displayed in Trefík. For example, a players' table showing the number of goals scored, minutes played, or cards received:
Tabulka střelců soutěže

The detail goalie stats for NHL:
Statistiky brankářů

In the next sample, the German Bundesliga teams are ranked according to the average number of shots. The figure also shows the data related to the team's opponents, such as the number of shots by all of the team's opponents. Optionally, you can also view absolute numbers for the entire season.
Tabulka podle počtu střel týmů