Offer / Filter: sample basic usage

Bet type: Both teams score

In the following example, we will see how Trefík can analyze the "Both Teams Score" bet. This is a popular bet when it does not matter the outcome of the match, but only the goals scored. And it's up to whether or not the goalkeepers of both teams will be overtaken.

We will use a simple filter in the Offer window. In the Balance section, we select the team (home / guests) and where (total / home / away) to track statistics and activate the Sum of Goals section. The picture is set to watch the last 20 matches (at the same time it is necessary to specify a period in the Filter / Settings section, which includes at least 20 matches). In the row "How many times the condition has been met", 0 is entered: in this case, all matches will be returned, and in the Offer window we will see how many times the specified situation occurred. In the first line "Condition / Goals" we select the "Both Scored" item - in which case the number of goals is ignored. The second line "Goal Condition" will be left unused (ie, with a value of > -1, which is always satisfied. The second line is used to enter the goal count interval).
The same settings are used in the "Home total" and "Guests total" sections. So we will watch matches where both teams have given a goal for home and away from all matches (home and away):

In order to work with the returned values from the filter we need to activate the proper columns at Filter / Columns:

.. activated are the columns "The sum of the goals both gave" for the home total as well as the guests total. This will cause the filters to appear in the Offer window as new columns.

So, in the Offer window, the situation when using a created filter will look like this:

.. the value of the new columns in the first line mean: Burnley played in the last 20 matches 10 times the match where both teams scored. Liverpool had such matches just 6.

In the previous figure there are odds for the final result (above the list of matches is active the choice of the bet type = STANDARD) We would definitely want that the odds on the bet we are analyzing should be the BOTH TEAMS SCORE (all additional bet types are not covered by Trefik at different bookies). Then also the filter conditions would be using this bet type. But this is undesirable in our case, as the filter is built by evaluating the final result bet. To continue filtering this way, you must activate the "FINAL RESULT FILTER" item to the right of choosing the type of bet (this option would not be active if we wanted to watch the winnings in the first half: then selecting the first half bet filter worked only with results from the first half).

After choosing the proper bet type the Offer window looks like this:

Then we can observe the profit when betting on "both teams score". To do so, we will activate columns "Profit 1" and "Profit 2" in the Filter / Columns. And a filter extended to these two "evaluation" columns can be applied to the entire season of the competition (by setting the since date at the top left):

A summary for "Profit 1", ie for a bet that at both team scored is based on -0.02, which is a loss of only two percents of the bet. Apparently, it is worth exploring these bets further.

We will try to apply SINCE to the older season:

.. we can see here that the bookmaker does not make a mistake in the list of odds, so it is not just about blind bets against "both thems score". The loss is not deep for both preditions but still there is a loss.

.. and that the situation will require, as expected, analysis and playing with numbers. For this, we can match the value of the "Both Teams Score" matches for home and guests for the last 20 matches. Create this value in Filter / Column as follows:

.. as a newly created column created by summing the values of two existing columns. The new column also has the active "Mark" option, so it will be highlighted in the Offer window:

In order to work better with the new column values, it is appropriate to group the matches into intervals according to the values in the new column. To do this, we create another new column using the function "f (s1, s2)"
.. the input to the function is for the two parameters previously created column "Sum":

The function is defined using the file *.FUN - that file can be created using an extra button:

.. column 1 and column 2 match both inputs to the function. If there is a dot in the definition of the processing, then the value is ignored. The output is divided into four intervals.

The situation at the Offer window with another new column looks like this:

.. at the same time a panel for grouping columns above the list of matches is displayed. You can see this panel using the button next to "Competition" at the top area.
Matches can then be grouped by any column by moving the header of that column to the newly displayed panel. Matches can therefore be grouped by intervals:

.. at the same time, the right mouse button on the grouping panel was pressed, and the "Collapse All" feature was selected. This shows only the headings of each group / interval and its evaluation.

At the top right, we can activate the graph display and then set the graph so that the created intervals should be ranked according to profit on tip 2:

.. so we see that some profit is only on tip 2 bets (= at least one team does not score a goal). And the maximum profit is if the value we've watched (the sum of matches for both home and guests when both teams scored for the last 20 matches of both teams) ranges from 29 to 32. We can also check that there are only 7 matches at the selected period meeting that condition.

Further exploration of gaining profits is beyond this basic demonstration.

For inspiration, we'll show you how to investigate a series of games at the stake, "Both Teams Score".
Just change a single parameter in Filter / Settings and the Filter / Balance section will look for a series of entered results. Specifically, it is necessary to activate the Settings item / "Streaks must be non-interrupted, could be longer":

In the Offer window, we get the values of the current series (or series before the given match) for both teams:

.. the marked line shows that Bournemouth had a "goal in the recent 6 matches"; Liverpool did not meet in the last match to "have both scored". Which can be verified by clicking on the details of the match (using the arrow on the left):

.. the detail results are connected to the selected bet type which is Both Teams Score in this case. The detail match information can be obtained by doubleclick at the match.