Change of team strength in recent matches

Competition table with an overview of changes in the strength of teams in recent matches

Columns with information on changes in team strength in recent matches can now be displayed in the Table window via the menu on the top left. Trefík calculates the strength of the team according to the parameters entered by the user and uses it to determine the match tip. Team strength typically increases after a successful outcome and decreases after a failure. However, for example, a home win by a single goal over a complete outsider can mean a reduction in strength.

The table shows the change of strength in the last 6 matches. Home matches are shown in bold. After placing the mouse cursor on a match, detailed information about this match will be displayed:
Team strength change in recent matches

The table also shows the current total strength of the teams (at the column Shape). FC New Yordk City (40) has the best shape, while FC United (-61) the worst shape.