Summary of goals for both opponents

Predict / Goals - how long the team was in the lead, how many times the team equalized in the match, ..

In the Predict / Goals window, statistics are available for the selected match for both opponents in terms of goals in past matches.

The statistics are calculated from the matches that are displayed in the Predict / Games section. In the following figure, the statistics are calculated only from the matches of the current season, for the home team only from their previous matches played at home and for the away team only from their matches played away:
Predict / Goals
.. the upper part of the window shows time data (hours: minutes, possibly even days), how long the teams were in various situations in previous matches: in the lead (by any number of goals), in the lead by just 1 goal, in the lead by 2 or more goals, continuous draw, loss (by any number goals), loss by just 1 goal, loss by 2 or more goals.
For example, it is clear from the picture that the Fulham team in their home matches so far has led by just 1 goal for 2 hours and 42 minutes, which is 15% of the total time played. In contrast, Aston Villa kept a draw in their away matches for a total of 7 hours and 35 minutes, which is 42% of the played time.

In the next part of this window are stats for goals scored by both teams. How many goals scored meant a transition from a continuous draw to a lead, how many increase the continuous lead, how many times the team equalized with their goal and how many times reduced the lead opponent's.

Similar statistics for Goals Conceded follow. That is, how many times for the team the received goal meant that the match changed from a draw to a loss, how many times the team increased the loss in the match, how many times the opponent equalized the match with a goal and how many times the opponent just reduced the team's lead.

At the bottom of the window are the statistics of the first goals scored in the matches of both opponents. The statistics are divided into cases when the team scored and when the team received the first goal. For both cases, it is then indicated what the overall result of the match was. For example, it can be seen from the picture that if Fulham scored 1st goal in the match at home, then Fulhan always wont the match (this happened in six matches in total).

Statistics are available for football and ice hockey for competitions where the times of scored goals are recorded in Trefík (which is the vast majority of competitions).

The decisive goals from the penalty shootout are not included in the statistics of scored and conceded goals (in football and also in ice hockey). Additional time (in the first or second half) is not included in the time statistics in football.

The next picture shows the goal statistics for a match in NHL. Again calculated only from home matches for home team nd away matches for guest team. And again only from the current season:
Predict / Goals