Tennis results point-by-point

Trefík contains point-by-point detail tennis results for singles tournaments since 2019

There is a button Balls at the match detail window:
Tennis / Balls
.. when clicking the button the following window appears:
Tennis / Balls Tennis / Balls
.. the top part shows the complete match progress point-by-point. There are marked kept services / lost services, breakballs, setballs, matchballs.

The bottom part of the Balls window brings the statistics counted from the match progress. For both opponets the statistics is divided for servicing and returning games. There are statistics for 1st to 5th ball of each game. There is displayed how was the ball when the game score was as given and how the whole game ended. There are also available stats for tie-breaks.

The match progress and its statistics are displayed from the point of view of the first player. The button at the bottom part of the window can bring the point of view of the opponent.

Statistics from more recent matches are available at the Predict window at the new section "Tennis - balls". This section shows stats counted from the selected matches by the filters at the Predict window (= from the section Predict / Games if the match point-by-point results are available). This section can look like this:
Predict / Tennis - balls

The upper part displays the numbers of matches from which the statistics are counted (= the matches from Predict / Games with avaible point-by-point data).

Every statistics is again divided into servicing and returning games.

For each statistics there are available also the percentage values of won and lost balls. And there are also the counted odds based on those percentage values. It means you can compare these counted odds to the real odds when live betting for the selected match.

The left top part allows to get data only from a selected set:
Predict / Tennis - balls .. 1st set

The upper part allows to limit the statistics only for the situation when the player had one break won or lost:
Predict / Tennis - balls .. break

The upper part also allows to limit displayed statistics just for a defined set / game score. Also it is possible to define the tie-break score and display just statistics for the same score at the past matches:
Predict / Tennis - balls .. score
.. the row "?G 2:2" marks how was the game result if it was played at the total game score 2:2 at a set. The row "?S 2:2" marks the set result at the game score 2:2 at a set.

Thanks to many possible filted combinations at the bottom part of the Predict window it is possible to get the point-by-point statistics just from the matches which we are interested at. Let's say played just at a defined surface, at tournaments with given prize money or against the opponets which are placed at the ranking with a given range values.

Using this Trefik section is very useful for tennis live-betting. The Trefík user gets a powerful tool how to "fight" with the real odds using the detail past statistics for both opponents.