Analysis of combined bets in Trefík

Bookmakers provide the possibility to compile your own combination of bets for the match. The offer includes bets on the number of goals (both for the team and in the total), whether both teams will score, who will score the first goal, ... Trefík now makes it possible to easily track the results of the combined bet on played matches.

The function is available in the Predict / Games window: in the lower part on the right is the BetBuilder section. It is possible to activate up to 4 stored combined bets for both opponents there. Combined bets can either be related to one team (how many goals scored, scored / scored the first / last goal, ...) or are drawn on the entire match (total goals in the match, goals in the half, ...). Before choosing a combined bet, it is first necessary to choose whether bets for a team or for a match will be followed.

If combined bets are active, columns are added in the upper part of the window for the matches, where you can see the evaluation of the given bets. In the lower part there are statistics for selected bets: it is always indicated how many times the combined bet was successful out of how many matches; the frequency of a successful bet and the corresponding odds are then calculated; finally, the total balance (wins / draws / losses) for all matches where the bet was successful is shown.
Betbuilder at the Predict window

Combined bets can be compiled in a separate window. This is available after pressing the B button in both sections of BetBuilder described above. Combined bets are defined as notation containing selected bets (available at the top in three separate fields), AND + OR operators and brackets. The combined bet is therefore created in the text field using the buttons in the upper part of the window.
Betbuilder Definition
Betbuilder Definition

In order for the statistics to be available to BetBuilder, the matches in Trefík must first be prepared for the purpose of this function. The evaluation of new results takes place automatically (if the BetBuilder function is active). For older matches, it is necessary to start the evaluation: when activating this function, it is necessary to specify how many seasons are to be processed (the calculation for 5 seasons may take 30 minutes, depending mainly on the speed of the disk); the second option is to perform a reinstallation (Offline / Maintenance / Reinstallation): there the calculation is done for 5 seasons, which is apparently fully sufficient.