How was a similar odds in previous matches of the competition

In the Offer window, an analysis of how the current odds were in past matches of the competition is quickly available

Trefík can answer, among other things, the question of how the given odds worked out in previous matches of the competition. In the Offer window, this is easily possible directly at the current odds offer after clicking on the match details.

Matches with similar odds in the past seasons
The picture shows an overview of matches from this and last season (can be set in Configuration / Offer) that had a similar odds on tip 1. Specifically, in the "X) Competition" section, a match with an odds of around 3.40 is displayed (the range can be set in Configuration / Offer) to tie. At the foot of the list, the balance of these matches is 70 - 58 - 60 (ie 70 home wins, 58 ties and 60 away wins).
The odds for tie are tracked, so the statistics for ties are displayed: "58 (31%) -> 3.24 (profit 0.08)". This means that 58 ties correspond to 31 percent of all watched matches. At the same time, 31% corresponds to an odds of 3.24 (that is, the current odds are higher than the odds calculated based on the frequency of ties). The profit value indicates what the profit ratio would be for betting on all the displayed matches for the tie results. With profit = 0, the exact amount bet would be returned; at profit = -1 all bets would be lost. A profit of 0.08 means a profit of 8 percent of the total bet amount.

If we activate the display of the best odds from a defined group of bookiess in the lower left (in the next picture it is the group "365-Pin-SBO, i.e. the bookies bet365, Pinnacle Sports and SBOBET (as we can define the group at Odds / Bookmakers), then the analysis of the historical success of the odds is also calculated from the best odds:
Matches with similar odds in the past seasons

.. this time the odds of 3.65 for tie result are analyzed. From the comparison with the previous image, we can also verify the difference in odds in the compared matches, because in the current case, the highest odds from the selected bookies are taken. The total profit in this case was 14 percent of the total bet amount.

The described historical analysis is available for all registered odds types. In the next picture is the analysis for the odds on the result of the 1st half:
Matches with similar odds in the past seasons

.. in this case the profit is 0.12 .. so the total profit on away win bets in the first half for the matches shown (= with odds around 5.20 at the away team) was 12 percent of the amount bet.