Prize money in the Offer window

Comparison of listed tennis odds with prize money won in the year

In the Offer window, it is possible to view the prize money earned for the tennis players for the specified year. Earnings for singles, doubles or total can be distinguished. The data is always available for the entire year, not for example the status as of February when analyzing matches retrospectively (only the total amount for the previous year is available).

If we work with the hypothesis that everything also in tennis can be measured in terms of money, we can compare the current earnings of tennis players with the listed odds for their match. The following is a simple example to automatically compare the ratio of rewards earned and the ratio of posted odds.

We will work with the filter for the Menu window. First, it is necessary to activate the Tennis / Prize money per year section:
Prize Money
.. in this section it is possible to work with three data for three different years. This can be useful when comparing the current success of tennis players and the success of previous years. Total career earnings are also automatically available. But this year is enough for our purpose. It is chosen to count the figure for singles (= S).

Earnings columns are available in Filter / Columns. There we will also compile the rules for calculating and comparing current odds:
Prize Money
.. the values 1) USD and 2) USD are the earnings of both tennis players in 2023. The values 1) USD B and 2) USD B are the earnings in doubles for the second player from both pairs - so we will not use them in the above case. Likewise the TOTAL values - this is earnings for the entire career (again with data for both players of each doubles).
We will compare the ratio of earnings and the ratio of listed odds. The earnings ratio is defined as the column USD 1/2 - it is the proportion of 1) USD and 2) USD.
The odds ratio is defined as K 1/2 and is the ratio of the odds to tip 2 and tip 1 (note that the ratio of earnings and odds is calculated "in reverse", since the lower the odds, the bigger the favorite, but the higher the earnings, the a bigger favorite).

The last two lines adjust the earnings ratio by 50% (increase first, then decrease). This is because we will only be interested in matches where the earnings ratio and the odds ratio are at least 50% different.

With this, we have calculated the data for the matches that we want to use to filter the offer. We will perform our own filtering in Filter / Conditions.

In the Filter / Conditions window, we will compile the conditions that the matches must meet. It will be about making available information on earnings for 2023 for both rivals. And also about making the earnings ratio (increased or reduced by 50% - depending on whether the first or second listed tennis player is the favorite) be higher / lower than odds ratio.
Prize Money
.. the first two lines say that the earnings for 2023 should be greater than 0 for both opponents. And the next two lines cover both cases where the earnings ratio changed by half is higher or lower than the match odds ratio.
.. in the Offer window we then get:
Prize Money
.. the earnings of both opponents in 2023 are displayed. Furthermore, for each match, the ratio of these earnings and the ratio of the maximum available odds from the selected bookies are shown (see the selected 365-Pin-SBO at the bottom left) .

This example illustrates the simple use of information about the current earnings of tennis players and the comparison of odds. By adjusting the filter, the matches can be filtered, for example, according to the success in the last matches, position in the ranking or according to the balance of mutual matches.