Statistics for Live Matches

How it was in the past at the same minute and with the same result

The window Live contains a new button "S" at the top area. After activating it a new panel for comparing live results appears.

The current match time and match result is compared to the matches in the past. Trefik searches for the finished matches which had the same score at the same minute as the current match. This feature is available for football and ice hockey. Trefik goes throught past seasons (their number is set at the top panel of the Live window). Only those matches with recorded goals timing are compared (those records are available for most of competitions but for example for the Burundina 1st league only since 2020).

Just running match is compared to the matches at the current and previous seasons of the same competition. It is always checked what was the final result, which team scored the following goal, how many goals were scored (in total as well by each team) and other events. All events are displayed at the match row (available when expanding the match row) at the secion "Result + Time".

Counting statistics proceeds every 5 minutes or as the match result is changed. It can be counted immediately after clicking the button "Count NOW". The counting runs at the background, it does not block other Trefik usage.

The following sample is from Columbia: 34th minute of the match Patriotas - Jaguares. After expanding the match details there is available the section "Result + Time" with stats counted for 30th minute of the match. Matches from recent 3 seasons are considered. It is possible to consider just the matches with SIMILAR PRE-MATCH ODDS when using the option at the top panel. This option is not activave at the picture:

Result + Time

Stats shows that the following goal (2nd row of the statistics detail) was scored by the home team 121 times which is 41% of all matches which had the score 0:0 at 30th minute. This corresponds to the odds 2.44..

There are visible statistics for the halves results, numbers of goals, ... The value "1) Home Goals" marks the goals of the home team during 1st half.

The section "bet365 Odds" contains live odds:

Live odds

Detail match statistics at 36th minute, the chart shows the dangerous attacks comparison:

Live match stats

Ball possesion ratio:

Live match stats