Analysis of combined bets in Trefík

Bookmakers provide the possibility to compile your own combination of bets for the match. The offer includes bets on the number of goals (both for the team and in the total), whether both teams will score, who will score the first goal, ... Trefík now makes it possible to easily track the results of the combined bet on played matches. Basic description of this feature.

Combined bets can now be analyzed directly in the filter for the Offer window. This brings considerable new potential for match analysis. In this way, it is possible to collectively examine the result of combined bets for selected competitions or groups of competitions. The output of the filter is, on the one hand, the number of matches where the specified condition was met, on the other hand, the result can also be a clear output indicating in which matches the condition was met.

To demonstrate, we will use the evaluation of a simple bet: Win by a goal:
Betbuilder: win by a goal

In the Filter window, activate the BetBuilder section. In it, we indicate that bets on the team are being monitored and select the previously defined bet "Win by a goal". Or we create it at this point using the Definition line and the BetBuilder button:
Betbuilder: win by a goal
.. a total of 4 numbered BetBuilder sections are available in the filter. We can activate a different combined bet in each section.

In order to provide an overview of the matches with the designation in which the selected bet was fulfilled, we also activate the Shape section in the filter (sample for this section). To make the Shape section work with the BetBuilder bet, we activate the line Use BetBuilder 1 instead. In the Shape section, the output for "Total home" matches is selected in the image. Thus, the overview of matches will be available only for the home team and will be calculated from its matches at home and away.

In the Filter / Columns section, we then activate the output of new values for the Offer window:
BetBuilder at the Offer window
.. a total of 6 values are available for both opponents (home / away) with a distinction from which matches the figure should be calculated: only from home / away matches or from all. The output will always be the number of matches where the bet selected in the BetBuilder section was fulfilled.
Furthermore, the output from the Shape section (sequence for all home matches) is also activated.

The Offer window can then look like this:
BetBuilder at the Offer window
.. the output at the line in the match Everton - Aston Villa means that in two matches (from the period / number of matches as defined in Filter/Settings; in this particular case the statistics are calculated from the last 10 matches of the same competition) Everton won by a goal. In home games, they won by a goal also only 2 games out of the last 10. Aston Villa won by a goal 2 times out of the last 10 games. But only 1x in the last 10 away games. The output value from the Shape section shows that Everton won by a goal the very recent match and the match 3 rounds ago. In the image, Everton's last matches are expanded - so it is possible to quickly check the displayed statistics (and we can see that matches won by a goal were against Leeds and Arsenal - so the Shape section is correct).