Offer / Filter: sample usage

Team Shape (recent matches)

The window Offer allows comparing the recent matches results using the Filter / Shape features.

It is possible to use it for the "eye-control" of the recent matches results. Also the functions for the automatic analysis are available. It is also possible to check the results of two different bet types for a match (i.e. the result of the 1st half and the final result).

To use this function it is necessary to define a simply filter for the Offer windows:

.. the section Shape is active. Results checking is set for the home team matches at home and the guest team matches played away. It is also set to check the final result (the other options are: scored for, scored against, the sum of goals, the goals difference). The matches are taken from recent 365 days (see the top section Settings).

The section Filter / Columns contains two new items:

.. and the Offer window looks like this:

The section Shape allows to check just the matches with the odds values from the selected range. The odds range values can be set separately for both teams (i.e. the home teams odds should be less than 1.80 and the guest team odds should be higher than 4.50):

.. then just the matches with the selected odds range are displayed at the Shape columns:

.. it means both teams have a different number of covered matches. And we can check how the teams result as favourite / outsider.

For the automatic control of the recent matches results we can use the functions at the section Filter / Columns. One of them is the function OCCURS. It returns the number of appearences of the selected results at the checked column value:

.. the frequency of results (+ = -) is returned for the both opponents. The character/text we wish to be counted must be stated within the single quote.

The Offer window looks like this then:

.. by adding more columns / functions at the Filter / Columns we can transfer the values into the percents (of wins/ties/losts).

We can include a new condition into the filter: the limit for the home team odds value the way it corresponds the odds condition at the Shape section:

.. and the change at the Offer window:

The next task is an analysis at the Shape section using 2nd bet type.
To activate this feature use the filter section Shape / Another Result Type. It is necessary to select the bet type (the picture shows the first goal) and the result kind (i.e. for the half results it could be useful to control the number of scored goals). The filter can look like this:

.. new rows are available at Filter / Columns:

.. and the Offer window with the new columns:

.. the columns Shape1 contain "PLUS" at the position where the team scored the first goal in that match and "MINUS" where the opponents had the first goal. "EQUAL" marks the matches with no goal. The "QUESTION MARK" is at the matches where the goalscorer data is not available in Trefik.

We can work with the matches where the favorite team let the opponent to score the first goal but at the end the favorite won. We can mark such matches at the column Shape1. We need to use the section Shape + Shape1:

.. and the Offer window:

.. that is the process how to check the frequency and the streak of different connected events at recent matches.