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Trefik 12 - tennis news
Trefik has a few new features for tennis analysis. The window Prediction allows filtering matches and differ the singles and doubles tournaments. Trefik includes the doubles ATP + WTA ranking and also the prize money earned by the players..

All new features are available for all tournaments - for the Grand Slams and also for the ITF futures tournaments.

All registered Trefik users can download the new version with all new features for free.
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Tennis at the Offer window
To list the matches scheduled for the selected term from all tournaments you can use the window Offer. There are both results and scheduled matches:

Trefík - tennis

You can see here the odds changes, the players ranking and other data.
After opening the match details there is the list of odds for the selected match:

Trefik - tennis

It is possible to get more details for every offered odds (the bet type):

Trefík - tennis

This picture shows which bookmakers offer the odds for "winning 1st set" and compares the odds. The bottom summary line shows the maximal odds. If the bookmaker name is underlined then it is possible to click at it and Trefik opens the bookmaker web page with the odds for the selected match. (it is also possible to open the bookmaker web page using the picture at the "SA" column)

The next picture introduces the other feature for analysing the odds for 1st set:
Trefík - tennis

.. here are presented the head-to-head stats for 1st set.
The next picture shows the 1st set results for "home" team .. which is Andreas Seppi:
Trefík - tennis

The other picture shows the balance from matches with similar odds for Seppi win. All the matches with similar odds are listed here:
Trefík - tennis