Offer / Filter: sample basic usage

Filter sample: half results

This page shows how to set the filter for a different bet type than the match result bet.

We must create the filter for this task just the same way as the filter for the standard bet (match result bet). The only one difference is that we have to choose the bet type at the window Offer. We have to activate the odds for the first half result at the Offer window in this case.

Let's prepare the filter which finds the matches where the home team had a tie at least three times in the recent five home matches. And the guest team had a tie at least three times during recent six matches (no matter if played at home or away).

In order to compare teams with similar strength let's also set the condititon for the mutual games results. We can set the condititons that the frequency of TIES at the mutual matches played at the same ground as the current match (= "home" choice at the filter definition) should be at least 30%:
Nabídka / Filtr

The goal of using this filter is to find the matches which are tied.

If we use this filter for the first half result bet then the conditions for recent matches are applied also to previous first half results.

The mutual matches condition is always applied just to the final result.

It means we search for the matches where the home team had 3 first half ties during recent 5 home matches + the guest team had 3 first half ties during recent 6 matches + both teams had at least 30% tied final results during 3 recent seasons.

In order to display the odds for the first half results we have to change the bet type selection above the list of matches at the Offer window. The default bet type is "Standard" (= bets for the final match result). This combo box contains the bet types which are selected by the left button "with finger".

The following pictures shows the situation with activated filter, bet type = 1st halftime results, results just from SOCCER. The date interval is 1st September 2013 - 10th February 2014:
Nabídka / Filtr

The analysis of found matches can be done similary as at the case of sample filter for final match result.

The function "Stats / Charts" can show the result frequency at the first half.
Nabídka - aktivní filtr

The charts shows that the home team won 19% matches, tie was at 58% matches and the guest team won 23% matches.

Another chart compares the odds for the home team to win the first half and the first half result:
Nabídka - aktivní filtr

Both charts above shows that it is a good idea to analyse the betting profit when betting to first half tie at the matches returned by our filter:
Nabídka - aktivní filtr

The table shows that the bets for tie at the half time have the total profit 26% from the total stake. The fact is that there are not many matches which meet the filter conditions. But it seems it is worth to consider this filter when betting the first half results.

The filter conditions can be changed and more criterias can be included. But that is not a task for this page. The user can make it himself in Trefik.