Trefík - software for sport betting

Trefik 15 is available now ..

A new Trefik version was released in September 2015. It has the name Trefik 15 according to the current year.
As usually Trefik 15 is free of charge for all registered users.

Trefik 15 is at the beta version so far! There are currently no known problems in Trefik 15 however there are a lot of changes and that is why the start of the new version is slow somehow. The users can still use Trefik 12 after downloading Trefiku 15 - so if there are any problems with Trefik 15 the users can go back to Trefik 12 immediately.

There are many new features, improvements, changes and repairs in Trefik 15. Here is the list of the most interesting: The new features for the Offer windows are described above. Trefik 15 brings the possibility to display hundreds of new columns at each match which allows the user even better preparation and evaluating own betting strategy.

Improving Trefik of course does not finish with releasing the version 15. Another news are awaited during the future months.

We wish all Trefik users that the version 15 is their a good helper!