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Many criteria to search for tennis matches

When working with tennis in the filter for the Menu window, it is important to activate in Settings that the favorite of the match is taken as home.
The Filter / Tennis section brings a large number of conditions that can be activated. In tennis, you can also use other filter sections (for example, the Balance section), but the Tennis section is only intended for tennis matches:
Filter / Tennis

Thanks to the Match Statistics section, you can work with match statistics (submission, reception) in the Offer window. Sample with tennis match stats.

What tournaments to consider

In the next section What tournaments it is possible to limit the tournaments from which the filter returns matches:
Filter / Tennis
The restriction is available for subsidies, qualifiers, singles, doubles, tournament surface or for the country where the tournament is held.

The Which tournaments for stats section does not affect which matches the filter should return, but from which matches/tournaments the statistics should be calculated in the other sections of the filter:
Filter / Tennis
For example, it is possible to set results from junior tournaments (which Trefík includes) to be ignored. Furthermore, it is possible to set to completely ignore matches that ended with a scratch of one of the opponents for the calculation of statistics.

Player specialization

The filter also includes the option to include only matches based on whether the opponents are specialists in the surface on which the tournament is played:
Filter / Tennis
Setting the parameters to determine what the player specializes in can be done from the opening window of Trefík: Settings / Menu / Various / Setting the designation of specialists:
Filter / Tennis
The application of these parameters to the entire database can be invoked using Settings / Menu / Various / Mark tennis specialists.

Walkover in previous matches

The following part of the filter allows you to set both opponents to monitor if they scratch/scratch their match in the specified time interval:
Filter / Tennis

Filtering by players

The next part of the filter offers conditions for deploying players, qualifiers in the main tournament or domestic tennis players (taken in relation to the venue of the tournament and the nationality of the player):
Filter / Tennis
It is also possible to enter conditions for player height, serve speed and age of players (all quantities can be combined using different conditions, see image). You can also search only for matches of players of the selected nationality.

Tiebreak success

Another option for setting conditions in the filter is the requirement for the frequency of won tiebreaks for both players:
Filter / Tennis
The conditions for success in the tiebreak in the first and last set can be set separately. The conditions for success can either be separate for both opponents or it can be a comparison (i.e. the difference) of the success rate of the won tiebreaks.

Same tournament last year / Previous tournament

The filter also allows you to set the conditions for the appearance of both players in the previous year of the same tournament. And also the conditions for the results of both players in their past tournament (that is, the tournament that they participated in before the tournament that includes the match, whatever the filter may return).
Filter / Tennis
The result of the last year of the tournament can be displayed as a separate column using Filter / Column.

Results in past matches

We may require players to win or lose against opponents with a specified ranking for a selected period. The ranking condition can be defined absolutely or relatively:

  • in an absolute comparison, we can, for example, determine the balance against the top 10 players in the ranking,
  • in a relative comparison with respect to the ranking of the investigated player, we can, for example, determine the balance against 50 better and 50 worse ranked players (the position of the investigated player is always taken on the date of the investigated match, not as a fresh position on the last published ranking),
  • the last possibility is a comparison with opponents placed on the ranking similar to the position of the current opponent in the investigated match.

Filter / Tennis
This part of the filter also offers setting conditions for the player's success on the selected surface.

Balance in doubles

Another option in the tennis part of the filter is to get a player's balance for a specified number of days in doubles. This setting can only be used for the analysis of singles tournaments: for the player from the current match, all pairs in which he played in the observed period are examined.
The result of the calculation is available in Filter / Columns, columns are added according to the image. There are available also balances for the whole pairs (T12 D+, T12 D- and T22 D+, T22 D-).
Filter / Tennis

Previous ranking position

By activating this subsection, new columns will be available in the Filter / Columns with data on the position of players in the ranking before the specified number of weeks:
Filter / Tennis
In which columns the ranking values will be returned can be obtained as usual by clicking on the line marked with the --> symbol:
Filter / Tennis

Achievements in past tournaments

Other sections allow you to set the conditions for the tournaments played, or results in these tournaments. Counted tournaments can be limited by the amount of the subsidy and the surface. You can enter how many weeks the results should be followed, how many qualifying tournaments the player had to play and what result he should have achieved in them (specified by reaching the entered round). Fulfillment of the condition is defined by the frequency of the entered round in the found tournaments. For example, by setting the condition for fulfillment of 50% and the value "Finals" for the item "What round", we require that the player reaches at least the finals in at least half of the eligible tournaments (subsidy, surface) (it is also possible to enter the value "Winner").
Filter / Tennis
Conditions can be entered separately for home and away (again, don't forget Filter / Settings / home = favorite).

Ranking position

The following filter sections add new items to the Filter / Column. An overview of the new columns can always be found by clicking on the rows with the --> symbol:
Filter / Tennis
A player's all-time best ranking may be returned.
Ranking in the year is always calculated only from tournaments played from January in the given calendar year.
New columns corresponding to ITF ranking or junior ranking are also available.
The last section offers the so-called Combined ranking, which is a ranking of players where the entire ATP (WTA) ranking is followed by players who are not on this ranking, but only on the ITF ranking.

Points earned per match

The next section in the tennis part of the filter for the window works with points earned for the ATP / WTA ranking.
Filter / Tennis
Points for the currently played match are only available for major ATP and WTA competitions. Defended points are calculated from the archive of ATP and WTA rankings.

Prize Money

The filter can also work with prize money earned in the previous years:
Filter / Tennis

Running Score

Running Game Score, Running Tennis Score