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Both Teams Score

The following sample describes how to analyse the bet Both Teams Score. This is a popular bet type with no dependency on the exact final result but only on the scored goals.

We will use a basic filter at the Offer window. The filter section BALANCE allows to choose the team (home / away) and the ground (total / home / away) for counting the statistics. There is the subsection SUM OF GOALS: it can be activated with the option APPLY THIS CONDITION. The picture shows that recent 20 matches should be checked (the filter section SETTINGS must fill up the term containing at least 20 team matches at the same time). The row "How many times the condition was met" contains ZERO: in this case all the matches would be returned and we just wish to see how many times the condition was met (no filtering).
The first row "Condition / goals" was set to "BOTH SCORE": in this case the goal number is being ignored. The second row "Condition / goals" is not used (= comparing the number of goals to -1 = this is always true). The second row is used only when activating the goals interval limits from - till.
The picture contains the same settings for Home total and Away total. We will check the matches with both teams to score for both home and away teams:
In order we can work with the counted values from the filter we need to activate the new columns at Filter / (MORE...) Columns section (with the button EDIT):
.. both new columns "Sum of goal.." are activated. Then these columns can appear at the Offer window.

The situation at the Offer window would look like:
.. the values of two new column at the selected row means" Brighton played 6 matches (from its recent 20 matches) where both teams scored; West Ham played 13 matches (from its recent 20 matches) with both teams scored.

The previous picture shows the odds for the final result (because the option STANDARD is activated above the list of matches). It would be a good idea to see the odds for the bet type we work with .. the both team score odds (please notice that the additional bet type odds are not covered for all included bookmakers in Trefik).
If we activate the bet type BOTH SCORE then also the filter would work with this bet type results. But we do not need that as our filter is created the way it works with the standard match result. That is why we need to tell the filter to count with the final results no matter which bet type is activated. So we need to activate the option close to the field with the bet type selection (Filter for the final result) .. this option would not be active for example if we check the first half results ..
After setting the bet type BOTH SCORE the Offer window looks this way:
Then we can check the profit when betting BOTH TEAMS SCORE. We need to activate the columns PROFIT 1 and PROFIT 2 at Filter / Columns. And then we can apply the changed filter for the whole season (by setting the FROM date at the top left):
The summary for "Profit 2" (= the bet that at least one team does not score) is -0.03 which means losing 3 percents of the total stake. Let's check the situation in more details.
First we can apply the filter also for the previous seasons (by changing the FROM date again):
.. the long term results for "blind betting" for both options of the BOTH TEAMS SCORE bet have the lost 8 percent of the total stake. We have confirmed what was of course awaited: the blind betting could not be the right solution. So it is the time to try to bet with a defined strategy.

We can start playing with the numbers now. A useful value could be the sum of matches for both home and away team with BOTH SCORE during their recent 20 matches. We can create that value at Filter / Columns this way:
.. the new column is created as a SUM of two already existing columns. The new column has active the field MARK which means this column will be marked at the Offer window:
In order to work better with the new column values we can group the matches according the INTERVALS of the values at the new column. Another new column helps us with this task. The new column will be created using the function "f (s1, s2)" with the input parameter of previously defined column (the column for creating the intervals):
The function is defined by the FUN file - that file can be created/edited using the button at the bottom:
.. the column 1 and the column 2 correspond to the both function inputs. If there is the comma at the definition then the result does not depend on this value. The output if this defined function are intervals divided after FOUR goals.

The situation at the Offer window is like this then:
.. also the GROUPING panel is visible above the matches list. You can make this panel visible using the button beside the caption COMPETITION above the matches list.
Matches can be grouped according to any column just by moving the column heading onto the grouping panel. So we can group the matches according our created intervals:
.. at the same time the mouse right button was used at the grouping panel and the function "Collapse All" was called. That is why we can see just the heading and the footers for all intervals.

At the top right area we can activate displaying the charts. Then it is possible to set up the chart the way that the visible intervals are sorted according to Profit 2 column (sample):
.. we can see that we can get profit when betting the tip 2 (= at least one team does not score) if the counted value (= sum of matches of home and away team when both teams scored from their 20 recent matches) is at the intervals 29-32 or 0-4 or 9-12.

We can analyse the situation more and get into account another criterias from the filter. But it will not be a part of this small sample.

An additional topic is how to work with the streaks for the bet "Both Teams Score".
It is only needed to change just one parameter at Filter / Settings and the section Filter / Balance would search for the streaks of defined results. The option STREAKS MUST BE NON-INTERRUPTED, COULD BE LONGER must be activated:
The Offer window then shows the current streaks (the streaks before playing that match) for both teams:
.. the selected row announces that Arsenal had its recent 7 LEAGUE (see Filter / Settings) matches with Both Teams Scored, while Everton had just 2 recent matches with BTS.