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Trefik 12 - news in 2014
Trefik 12 has new features for backtracking match data since the end of 2013 and the beginning of the year 2014. The window Offer can contain the new columns now: columns with results of using the filter (for example the team efficiency, the mutual matches balance, ...) and also the new columns defined from the existing columns (for example the sum of goals in a match = defined as a sum of goals of both teams). Another new feature gives the possibility to filter the matches according to the values at new columns. Trefik can show you data from the Offer window in charts now.

All of these new features give you more possibilities how to analyse the past matches with more parameters and conditions. This can improve your betting strategy and you can use it with Trefik for the future bets then.

As always the registered Trefik users can download for free the new Trefik version with all new features.
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News at the Offer Window
Trefik can display the footer with summary items for each matches group (i.e. one round at a competition or all matches at a day) and also for all displayed matches.
The footer contains the number of matches, results balance (home wins, ties, away wins + the same values as frequency). The user can display also other summaries - clicking the mouse right button at the footer row = the menu with summary functions for that column is displayed. The following picture shows the average values for goals of home and guest team.
Tennis brings the number of wins of favourite and outsider players. The favourite and outsider are defined by the odds value. If no odds are available then the tennis ranking is used.

Trefik - Offer windo

The footers can be displayed / hidden by the mouse right button menu.

The statistics at footers are always counted from the visible matches. If a fast filter is active then the stats are just from the filtered matches. The fast filter can be activated by clicking the mouse left button at the right part of the columns headings.
Trefik - Offer window
.. the picture shows just the matches with odds for home win at the interval 1.40 - 1.80. The summary of the fast filter is displayed at the top.