Trefík - software for sport betting
Trefik 12 - improved design and new features
Trefik 11 was released at the beginning of 2013. There were proceeded a couple of fundamental changes at the database structure. The results was faster work with odds and team ranking. This speeding up was noticeable especially at the windows Offer, Predict and at searching for surebets / valuebets and odds changes. Trefik 11 did not bring many design changes neither new features. The basic change was speeding up Trefik for most often used functions.

Trefik 12 brings new components for data presentation. This version was released in June 2013. The main changes are visible at the windows Offer, Match Filter and Coupons.

Trefiku 12 can get free of charge all registered users of previous Trefik versions (since 1996). You can upgrade for Trefik 12 directly from you Trefik 10 or 11 by pressing just one button. You must upgrade first to Trefik 10 from earlier versions. Or you can send us an e-mail to and we will send you the Trefik 12 installation link.
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Window Offer
The window Offer is probably the most often used part of Trefik. You can find there the current matches with updated odds, you can display the past matches and you can define and test your betting strategy here.
Trefiku 12 brings the biggest changes into this Trefik part since the origin of this software. New components for data presentation allow more possibilites of displaying matches and statistical data. You do not need to open another windows for past mutual matches, recent teams matches neither for odds analysis.

Offer window at Trefik 12 (click at the picture for the full size):
Trefik - Offer window, click for the full size
You can see the section MUTUAL at the selected match with the statistics from the mutual matches.

There are Odds for the selected match at the left bottom part at the picture. You can set this feature at Settings / Configuration:
Trefik - windows settings