Itemized Bets in Trefík

Overall profit at coupon with one or more faults

The Itemized Bet allows to win the coupon even with one or more faults. There are created more coupons from entered groups of predictions in order cover the entered number of possible mistakes. There are not created all the combinations of all groups as at the System Bet, but there are created just the minimal number of groups in order to ensure some winning coupons in the case of a few faults at the coupon.

There are 527 templates for the itemized bets in Trefík. And the user can create his own templates.

The picture shows an Itemized Bet. In order to see how this coupon type behaves with some faults the matches are already finished:

There are 7 groups at this coupon. Each group contains just one match. The identification of the group is at the first column.
After clicking the button CALCULATION at the bottom are the following window to define the Itemized Bet is displayed:
Definice rozpisu

Trefík can pick up the bookmaker for each coupon from the itemized bet in order we get the highest possible odds for each partly-coupon: using the button WHERE TO BET at the bottom area of this window.

Here we can select the type of the itemized bet. There is selected the bet with 3 matches at each coupon, with some coupons winning when having 2 fault groups, totally with 5 coupons.

We can display all possible situations with our Bet:
Analýza rozpisu

Trefík contains 527 templates for itemized bets. You can easily use this tool for winning with one or even more faults at a coupon with Trefík.