Trefík - software for sport betting
First steps with Trefik
Trefik offers a lot of features. Trefik is a powerful tool for bettors as it can bring many statistical information for current matches. This page introduces a few basic steps with Trefik in order to get used to with Trefik main window.
This window appears as you first run Trefik:
Trefik main window
The left side belongs to the list of competitions from the selected sport and term filter.
The right side shows the matches from the selected competition and day interval.

The bottom panel allows to select a different bookmaker. And to select the display mode. The default mode is "Competition" which is displayed at the picture above.
Another display mode is the mode List:
Trefik main window
You can use also the mode Offer which is designed to show matches from all competitions at once:
Trefik main window

If you wish to have your Trefik always updated just select the ONLINE mode at the right bottom corner.
If you press the button "PLUS" at the match row a lot of sections appear. One of them is the section MUTUAL:
Trefik main window
.. the first column shows the symbols + = - .. they symbolize the match result from the point of view of the currently home team.
Another sections show previous results at the matches with similar odds as the current match have. The previous matches of home team with similar odds for its victory:
Trefik main window
The next section shows previous matches of guest team with similar odds for its victory:
Trefik main window
It is possible to set how the odds can differ from the current odds into order the match should be taken into this statistics. It is also possible to set the date period which should be taken into account.

There is always counted how many times the selected result was the winning. And the frequency of those results gives us the counted odds for this result. The first picture brings 11 matches with similar odds for the home team victory. The home team won 4 times. It means the countedodds are 2.75 for this event.

If the real current odds are HIGHER than the counted odds then it is a good idea to bet that result according to this statistics.
Another section shows the frequency of results at the previous matches of the home team. It shows the statistics for all matches and also just for the matches played at home ground:
Trefik main window
You can see that the result 0:0 appeared 8 times at the previous matches of West Ham. But only twice at the home ground.
It is possible to select the period and also the league coverage (just the same league, more seasons or all competitions) for matches to be taken into this statistics.
The next section shows the distribution of goals (scored, scored against and sum of goals per match) for the guest team. It show the statistics for all matches and also just for the matches played at the opponents ground:
Trefik main window
The button Odds at the top of the window shows odds from all covered bookmakers. You can compare odds for the final results and also for other bet types:
Trefik main window   Trefik main window