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How successful the teams were against common opponents

The balance against opponents with whom both watched teams have played in the past can be an important criterion for choosing matches for betting not only for tennis. In tennis, this criterion is especially advantageous when both opponents have not yet played together (much). Then just comparing the balance sheet against common opponents can tell a lot. In the filter for the Menu window, a separate section is dedicated to this calculation:
Filter / Against same opponents

The result of the calculation will be the difference in the success of both opponents in matches with common opponents. If the difference in success rate is higher than the specified limit, Trefík can create a tip on an opponent with a better success rate.

In tennis, only matches played on the same surface as the surface of the current tournament can be included.
In tennis, it is also possible to activate the calculation of match statistics comparison. The resulting figure will correspond to the number obtained in the Predict / Against others window.

It is possible to activate the condition both on the success difference of the two opponents, and on the other hand on the success of both teams separately.

In the lower part, the period from which matches with common opponents will be selected is defined. This period is independent of the value in Filter / Settings.