Offer / Filter / Ranking / points / efficiency

The difference in position in the table / points gained / efficiency rate

Another filter section for the Offer window allows you to take into account the difference in ranking values in the table, points gained or success in matches played:

In this section, it is possible to limit the difference of determined values with a condition. This is a quick way to work with this difference. Another option leads through Filter / Columns (where, for example, it is possible to create a new column with the difference in the ranking values of home and away) and Filter / Conditions (where conditions can be set for the new column).

A special option to set the difference is related to doubles, specifically "head-to-head matches". In this case, each match in which at least one of the members of the current pair from the examined match played against each other on the court in a pair is marked as a mutual match. This balance is also available in the Predict / Doubles window.