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Conditions for listed match odds

Filtering matches from the menu by odds is a basic feature for searching betting records. Trefík offers a number of functions to filter by odds:
Filter / Odds
First, some general settings:

  • It is possible to Show the first known odds that was recorded in Trefík. With this setting, the future odds changes are ignored and only the opening odds are worked with.
  • The option Do not show cancelled odds will cause the odds to be there even for matches that have been withdrawn from the offer by bookmakers. This will display the last known odds.
  • At least one odds is the highest among all bookies: with this setting, the match will only be displayed if the selected bookie has the highest odds of all monitored bookies for any tip.

The option marked % means the odds level.

The actual entry of conditions for the amount of odds can be done in three different parts, each part with a different condition. It is always determined which tip the condition refers to. The following is the range for the holiday amount of the odds.

Other parts of the filter for rates work with the odds level or with the increase or decrease of odds:
Filter / Odds
The condition Highest odds first calculates the average odds of all monitored bookies. Then it is checked whether any of the odds of the currently selected bookie is higher than the calculated average by the specified percentage ratio.
The condition for Odds level calculates for the currently selected bookie, what is the level of all sharp tips on the result (1 + 0 + 2, or only 1 + 2). The higher the level, the smaller the bookie's margin on the match. The calculated level does not need to be filtered (it is possible to enter a value of 0), it can be displayed using Filter / Column in the Offer window.
Mixed odds level is calculated from all monitored bookies in Trefík. If it is higher than 100%, then "surebet" is probably available for the bet (it is necessary to first verify the amount of the current odds at the bookies concerned).
Odds Increase and Odds Decrease can be set for the selected tip by at least the specified percentages.

If the odds level entries are active, new entries for minimum, maximum and average odds for each tip are available in the Filter / Column.

It is possible to show up to three more odds for the match for different bet types / different boookies. There are 3 sections and every section can have selected a different bet type / bookie for odds to be displayed using Filter / Columns. There can be displayed opening odds / older odds. And there can be also displayed the result of the selected bet type.
Filter / Odds

The Show older odds section allows you to specify which odds should be displayed based on the start time of the match. Sometimes it can be advantageous to analyze the odds valid two hours before the start of the match (if we are preparing bets on a new match at that time before the match). After entering the value 99999 in the "how many minutes" item, the first listed odds for the match will be displayed. By default, these older odds are displayed instead of the last valid odds for the match. By activating the item Show odds standalone, we can display them as separate columns in the menu window via Filter / Columns.

In the last part of the filter for courses, you can set the time for the first listing of the course on the tip. This means that you can only work with matches that recently have an odds:
Filter / Odds