Offer / Filter / When are goals scored?

Goal scoring time analysis

The filter for the Offer window can also track the time when goals are scored in matches. This section is used for this:
Filter / In what minutes are goals scored?

The section serves both to analyze the specified time period in the matches, and to make available (via Filter / Columns) the score of the match in the specified minutes of the match. Using the Status column items, we can get the number of home and away goals in the given pair of minutes of the match. We can also get a column with information about the development of the score in the match.

Using the conditions, we can monitor the frequency of matches where both teams scored or conceded a goal in a given time interval, in addition to the home / away distinction.

It is possible to set that only the first goal in the match is counted. In that case, other goals in the match, even if scored within the specified minute interval, are ignored.