Offer / Filter / Favorite + Outsider

How the opponents are doing in the position of favorite / outsider

The filter makes it possible to apply separate conditions also to matches where the team is in the position of favorite or, conversely, outsider. Whether a team is a favorite or an outsider is determined by the amount of odds posted:
Filter / Favorite + Outsider

In the settings of this section, you can specify whether the odds for tip 1 should be smaller than for tip 2 or vice versa. This allows us to determine whether we want to analyze only matches where the home team is the favorite or, on the contrary, the guests. If this setting is not active, then matches are analyzed regardless of which team has the lower odds.

The success rate can be set for both teams (home and away). Either from all matches or only from matches played at home (for home) or away (for guests).