Offer / Filter / Average goals

Average goals scored, conceded and total goals

When comparing opponents in a match, goal averages from recent matches are certainly important. There is also a separate section for this in the filter for the Offer window:
Filter / Average Goals

In addition to the restrictions in Filter / Settings, a limit can be set on the number of recent matches to be taken into account for the calculation of averages.

Averages are always available for all matches, for the home team only from their home matches and for the away team from their away matches. It is always possible to set a condition for the desired diameter. At the same time, the averages used are returned as columns in Filter / Columns. It is therefore possible to set the condition ">= 0" in the filter, i.e. a condition that is always fulfilled, and work with the calculated averages only in the Offer window.

Averages can also be obtained from head-to-head matches.