Offer / Filter / Sections

How to work with active filter sections for the Offer window

When creating a new filter for the Offer window, there are many sections with different conditions. The number of displayed sections would make the filter itself confusing. Therefore, only active filter sections can be displayed.

With the new filter, only the default Settings section is active (it is always active). An overview of all available sections can be displayed in three ways:

  • button at the top of the Filter window next to the filter name,
  • with the mouse right button,
  • by pressing the button ALL at the bottom of the Filter window.
After finding the right section, it is necessary to activate the appropriate item "APPLY THIS CONDITION" - this will use the section in the filter. To display all active sections, click the Active button at the bottom of the Filter window.
Offer / Filter / Sections

By pressing the Active button at the botom part, only the filter sections that we have activated will be displayed.
Offer / Filter / Sections