Offer / Filter / Teams

Searching for teams from a list or by results balance

The Teams filter section offers the option to view matches by the teams playing in them. With the button List it is possible to create a group of teams. The name of the group must then be entered in the Define list of teams field:
Offer / Teams / List
The field Which team allows you to define how to handle the selected list of teams:
Offer / Teams / List
Various combinations of rules are available for the appearance or elimination of home and away teams by team list. The Home x Away distinction is also important in tennis: for this, however, it is necessary to activate the item in the Filter Settings for listing the match favorite as the home team .. then the Home value in this part of the filter refers to the match favorite, and guests to the outsider.

Teams / Balance

This part of the Teams section allows you to easily enter the conditions for the balance of both teams in total (+ home team at home and guests away). Conditions can be entered in the form of setting a limit for the frequency of wins, draws and losses:
Offer / Teams
In this section, you can also specify the minimum number of matches the team must have played. Matches are taken from the period specified in Filter / Settings.