Trefík - software for sport betting

Providing data for commercial purposes

Trefik contains really huge amount of data from various sports and competitions.
Trefik includes the current as well as the historical results (including the details of matches).
Trefik is able to work with sport data and bring a lot of statistical information.
Data feed for your website
If you consider to put any kind of data which are available in Trefik into your website you should contact us. We can offer you a daily service with XML / CSV feed meeting your needs.
We provide only sport data. We do not provide any design features for your webpage. It means you have to create the scripts for import our data into your database and also the scripts for presenting the database content. It means you can create your website just in the way you want to. You are not bundled with any pre-defined design. You can also put your own affiliate codes links.
  Export into PDF documents
Sport data and statistics are presented also in printed (or online) documents. Trefik is able to create such documents for you. Trefik contains always up-to-date data and Trefik is able any document suitable for printing in a printer house or suitable for presenting it online.
The documents are created in the PDF format. The content of the documents is always fully defined by the customer. Trefik just adds the current sport data into the predefined graphics form. Export can be produced also into XML if you wish to use data in another DTP software.
Trefik is used for creating the PDF exports by several bookmakers. Trefik is able to prepare the whole magazine containg selected sport data with only a few button clicks! If you are interested please contact us.