A simple filter for the Offer window

Searching for matches where at least one of the teams has a streak of 10 matches without a draw

We'll show you how to create and use a simple filter for the Offer window. We will want to work with matches where at least one of the teams has a current streak of (at least) 10 matches without a draw.

So let's create a filter in the Offer window. In the filter, we enter the conditions so that only such matches are returned, where the home or away team has a streak of 10 matches without a draw. We will use the Balance filter section:
10 no draws in a row
.. for home and away is set to watch the last 10 matches. And it is specified that the result "no draw" should have been 10 times in the last 10 matches.

In the Settings section of the filter, it is still necessary to define the period from which the matches are to be searched - i.e. how long (in days) should be the period before the investigated match (the period is assessed separately for each match), in which the series tie is to be searched. Older results are then not taken into account. In our case, tracking 100 days back is specified:
10 no draws in a row
Furthermore, the "Analyze through competitions" option is active. This means that all matches of both teams will be scrutinized, regardless of whether they are played in a league or cup competition.

We will try to use the created filter in the Spanish Primera Division for the period from July 1, 2023:
10 no draws in a row
.. from the image it can be seen that in the selected period a total of 9 matches were found in the Spanish league where at least one team currently has a streak of 10 matches without a draw. Of these, 2 matches ended in home wins, 5 matches (which is 56%) ended in draws and 2 in away wins.

The previous image also shows a value of 1.12 for the draw odds column summary. This means that if we always bet the same bet on a draw for each of the matches found, the result would be a PROFIT of 112% of the bet (we would win back the bet + 112% of the extra bet).
This is perhaps too favorable a result of the filter. However, it will be affected by fewer matches being examined. So let's try to use it for the next competition: the German Bundesliga:
10 no draws in a row
.. in this case, 17 matches were found, of which 5 ended in a draw. The profit would be a total of 26% of the deposit.

Further analyzes can be performed by the user himself. It is possible to change the required number of matches without a draw, take into account the odds for the current match (and thus skip matches where one team is a high favorite), ...

When changing the type of bet (in the upper part of the window) to the odds on the result of the 1st half, the same filter will be used to examine the situation when one of the teams did not have a draw 10 times in a row in the 1st half. The result for the Bundesliga is as follows:
10 no draws in a row
.. i.e. only 3 matches found, 2 of which ended in half-time draws.