Where? - Sports hall close to the town centre

Tournament will take place in the sports hall of TJ Slavoj, Trebizskeho 2702/12, Pilsen. It is situated close to the town centre, near the ice-hockey stadium of club HC Skoda Plzen.
See google maps.
GPS: 49.7378708N, 13.3754064E

You can reach the venue by train easily - station "Plzen - Zastavka" is 200 m far from the venue.
If you arrive to the Czech Republic by air to Prague, you can get to Pilsen by bus quickly (about 1,5 hours) and then use public transport (about 20 min. from bus station to the venue).

When? - One day tournament on 27th April 2019

Tournament will be held on Saturday 27th April 2019.
Preliminary tournament schedule
7:30 - doors open
7:45 - start of registration
8:30 - end of registration, draw
9:15 - start of basic groups
lunch break
final groups
about 21:00 - final ceremony
Tournament schedule depends on number of participants.
Lunch break will take 90 minutes.

You? - Everybody can participate

This tournament is opened for every player. Table hockey experts will play together with rookies, no matter how old they are, how many years they are playing and how many tournaments they took part. Everybody can join!

All foreign players must pre-register until 25th April, 12:00 AM. Czech players can register until the end of the registration on the day of the tournament in the venue, but we kindly ask you to pre-register in advance, so that we know the number of participants. Entry fee for the tournament is 200 CZK (or 8 Euro).

Details about the Tournament

Tournament will be played using the official international game rules and ITHF Tournament rules.
There will be six basic groups (but it can be changed according to number of participants), which will be created by using the world ranking. The draw of the tournament will be made after the end of the registration at the place of event by the "snake" system.
There will be two final groups A1 and A2, each will have 24 participants - best 8 players from each basic group will qualify there. Final groups will be created according to placement of the basic groups g1, g2, ... g6. In the group A1 there will be players promoting from basic groups g1, g3 and g5 and in the group A2 there will be players promoting from basic groups g2, g4 and g6.
The results of the mutual matches will be counted (only) into the final groups (it means that 7 results will be counted for every player). The placement groups B, C, etc. will have 18 participants.
Placement in basic group
1st - 8th final groups A1, A2
9th - 11th placement group B for 49th place
12th - 14th placement group C for 67th place
15th - 17th placement group D for 85th place
18th - 20th placement group E for 103rd place
Number of players in placement groups can be changed after the registration of all players with respect to the number of participants!
Best 16 players from each final group will promote to play-off played best of seven matches. Final play-off draw (pdf). There will be bronze medal series played best of five matches.
At placement groups B, C, etc. there will be play-offs for the best 4 players played best of five, no third place series will be held at placement groups, placement will be decided according to the group table.

Useful Information

- there is train stop "Plzeň - zastávka" (not Plzeň - Hlavní nadraží!) very close to the venue,
- there is a big parking place next to ice-hockey stadium free of charge,
- the nearest stop of public transport is called "Zimní stadion" and trolley bus number 10, 13 and 14 stop there,
- ticket for travel by Pilsen public transport can be bought in vehicles by using contactless bank card. Price for one 30 minutes ticket is 16 CZK (see more),
- there are a lot of possibilites for accomodation. The closest one to the venue is Hostel River, but you can choose according to your needs and budget from many possibilites,
- refreshment can be bought right in the venue,
- lunch will be available right in the venue, or you can use some restaurant in the neighbourhood,
- dressing rooms and showers will be available,
- we kindly ask all participants - bring indoor shoes, outdoor shoes will not be allowed!

If you have any question do not hesitate to ask the organizers:
Stanislav Kraus by mail,
Vladimir Kraus by phone: +420 605 821 144.

Useful links

Czech TH Federation
International TH Federation
World Ranking
Pilsen city
Hotels in Pilsen
Stiga CZE
Czech Public Transport
Pilsen Public Transport


New goal cages together with original Stiga deflectors will be used during the tournament. It will not be allowed to replace / remove either goal cages, or deflectors!

Puck catcher called "suplak" will be available also on new version of games - thanks to Zbyněk Pilař.

Committee of Referees
Vladimír Kraus (Czech Republic)
Gergely Regula (Hungary)
Mykhaylo Shalomayev (Ukraine)
Jiří Chylík (Czech Republic)
Simon Thomas (Ireland)

Play-Off 21 (i.e. Forsberg edition) games will be used during the Czech Open together with "classic" pucks.

Registration for participants is opened!


All foreign participants must pre-register before the tournament until 25th April, 12:00 AM. Czech players can register until the end of the registration on the day of the tournament in the venue, but we kindly ask to pre-register in advance, so that we know the number of participants.

We ask you to pre-register by sending mail to stiga@stolnihokej.cz (alternative e-mail: vkraus@volny.cz).
Entry fee for the tournament is 200 Czech crowns (or 8 Euro).

Last updated: 26.4.2019, 16:36
 1.Arseniy StolyarovRussia4
 2.Roni NuttunenFinland6
 3.Patrik PetrCzech Republic13
 4.Dmitriy PetrovRussia30
 5.Zdenek Matousek ml.Czech Republic31
 6.Jiri Chylik ml.Czech Republic41
 7.Mikhail ShashkovRussia43
 8.Leos Hvizd ml.Czech Republic51
 9.Jan DryakCzech Republic52
 10.Jan SladekCzech Republic63
 11.Krystof LeblCzech Republic67
 12.Martin MaderaCzech Republic68
 13.Michal KobrleCzech Republic74
 14.Pavel PlesakCzech Republic81
 15.Kirill StorchakRussia106
 16.Daniel MatysekCzech Republic111
 17.Miroslav CernochCzech Republic113
 18.Stanislav KrausCzech Republic114
 19.Michal BostikCzech Republic115
 20.Jakub MatysekCzech Republic119
 21.Krystof HeroldCzech Republic120
 22.David SmidCzech Republic126
 23.Martin ZenisekCzech Republic129
 24.Mykhaylo ShalomayevUkraine130
 25.Anze BozicSlovenia137
 26.Gergely RegulaHungary145
 27.Adam ZielinskyCzech Republic147
 28.Simon ThomasIreland148
 29.Bernard RjavecSlovenia159
 30.Vaclav PiklCzech Republic163
 31.Tomas WaclawekCzech Republic164
 32.Valentin DietzeGermany171
 33.Nejc SkrlepSlovenia176
 34.Robert JezCzech Republic198
 35.Peter BorsanyiHungary205
 36.Vladimir KrausCzech Republic213
 37.Antonin SurynCzech Republic228
 38.Tomas BucekCzech Republic231
 39.Tomas RuzickaCzech Republic250
 40.Micael BorghSweden260
 41.Tomas Kahoun ml.Czech Republic261
 42.Jiri VachaCzech Republic265
 43.Milos SevrCzech Republic268
 44.Martin MartinecSlovakia292
 45.Magor PappHungary307
 46.Viktor MagyariHungary309
 47.Egor StepanovRussia313
 48.Zdenek LopaurCzech Republic333
 49.Zbynek PilarCzech Republic349
 50.Hermann PetuchGermany350
 51.Frantisek MarekCzech Republic359
 52.Ralph PommerenkeGermany377
 53.Alexandr MacynskyCzech Republic385
 54.Jiri KropacekCzech Republic398
 55.Hynek NechutnyCzech Republic399
 56.Zdenek Matousek st.Czech Republic401
 57.Miroslav UhlirCzech Republic429
 58.Andras NaszadiHungary444
 59.Stanislav SrbaCzech Republic445
 60.Tomas Kahoun st.Czech Republic447
 61.Vojtech BernatCzech Republic473
 62.Michal MasikaCzech Republic482
 63.Miroslav FranekCzech Republic499
 64.Vit PerknerCzech Republic546
 65.Iva FochlerovaCzech Republic556
 66.Olli MajaniemiSwitzerland558
 67.Pavel PohoralyCzech Republic577
 68.Matyas KlazarCzech Republic592
 69.Tibor VargaCzech Republic594
 70.Pavel HraskyCzech Republic595
 71.Michal LevyCzech Republic610
 72.Vlasta GobyovaCzech Republic621
 73.Frank RascheGermany638
 74.Ales KrejzaCzech Republic644
 75.Petr HolubCzech Republic666
 76.Viktor VelicSlovakia673
 77.Pavel KubrtCzech Republic689
 78.Josef SedlacekCzech Republic738
 79.Jan KubernatCzech Republic750
 80.Jonas PerknerCzech Republic791
 81.Anita GrimovaCzech Republic864
 82.Wolfgang AbshagenGermany972
 83.Petr KlazarCzech Republic1132
 84.Miroslava HorakovaCzech Republic1200
 85.Radek HrncirCzech Republic1243
 86.Filip WernerCzech Republic1335
 87.Daniel KadlecCzech Republic1349
 88.Katerina SurynovaCzech Republic1367
 89.Katerina StareckaCzech Republic1417
 90.Sinisa CulicSerbia1460
 91.Michal RohlaCzech Republic1668
 92.Matej CingrosCzech Republic1953
 93.Jiri MacekCzech Republic2058
 94.Jaromir KutajCzech Republic5902
 95.Rodi PraudaFinland7413
 96.Mateusz MateraPoland9999