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The Czech Open 2008 will be the last Bix Six tournament of the World Table Hockey Tour 2007 / 2008 (WTHT). It may decide the overall ranking of the WTHT.
The Czech Open 2008 will be also a part of the Czech Cup series (Czech). This tournament will the biggest tournament of the current season in the Czech Republic. All the best Czech players are awaited to participate. We would like to welcome a lot of foreign players at this tournament as well.

This tournament will be the last big international tournament before the European Championship in Riga. All the participants will have a chance to prove their skills before the Championship.

The Czech Open 2008 will be held in Plzen, the city in the Western part of the Czech Republic, just 100 km far away from Prague. Plzen can be reached by car from Prague in just 45 minutes. Using the public transportation bus from the international airport in Prague to Plzen takes just 90 minutes and costs just about 3 Euro.

Plzen was the venue of the World Championship 2001. The Czech Open 2007 and 2004 were organized here as well. Few legendary Czech players come from Plzen: Pavel Plesak, Vladimir Studnicka and Pavel Chalus.

If you have any question do not hesitate to ask by mail, or by phone: Vladimir Kraus +420 605 821 144.

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