Czech Open 2007

Pilsen - the city of beer and table hockey

Town hall in Pilsen The Czech Open 2007 will be held during the 62nd anniversary of the liberation of Pilsen by the United States Army in 1945. A lot of celebration events will be organized in Pilsen from 4th to 8th May. Visitors of Pilsen will be able to see for example the original U.S. jeeps from the World War II. Details can be found at web page of the Pilsen Liberation Festival 2007.

Pilsen has been a city strongly connected to beer since the Middle Ages. Almost any house in the city had the right to brew beer. Soon, small breweries were established, but the quality of beer was often rather low. In 1842 the Burger Brewery was founded, home of the present-day Pilsner Urquell, and the first brew made was of an entirely new taste and quality, which the world vainly strives to imitate even today. However, beer is not the only thing that tourists find attractive in the city ranking among the most beautiful in the Czech Republic. The famous tradition of the city founded by King Wenceslas II in 1295 is clearly visible in many attractive historic buildings, so it is no wonder that Pilsen is a highly sought-after destination for both admirers of history and the arts as well as connoisseurs of Czech cuisine. A stay in the city can bring many pleasant surprises. No other town or city can pride itself on:
  • the highest steeple in Central Europe (103 m) the gallery of the steeple of the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew provides a magnificent vista of the city and its environs,
  • the most splendid Renaissance town hall of Italian type north of the Alps,
  • the only brewery museum in the world situated in the original house with the brewing rights, with unique collections documenting the brewing and distribution of beer in Pilsen from the Middle Ages until the present day,
  • the second largest synagogue in Europe (the third largest in the world),
  • large historical underground tunnels, extending 20 km under the historical centre of the city in several levels one over another
  • city armoury with the largest comprehensive collection of harquebus guns in Europe,
Culture, History and Gastronomy - these are the strengths of the city of Pilsen. So, combine the pleasurable with the attractive and experience it all at once. (extract from The Tourist Server of the Czech Republic)

If you are interested you can read more information about Pilsen, about dining and drinking in Pilsen (PDF), or select from the list of brochures about Pilsen.

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