Czech Open 2007

Czech Open history

The first big table hockey tournament played using the Stiga games in the Czech Republic was held on 1st June 1991 in Brno. There were 75 participants and there was no doubt about the winner - Goran Agdur won very easily - final table of the tournament. Czech players were amazed by Agdur's style and they established the series of Czech national tournaments called the Czech Cup. The Czech Open 2007 will be the 157th stage of the Czech Cup! You can take a look at overall table of the Czech Cup tournaments or look at results of particular tournaments at the world ranking.

The Czech table hockey federation was established in January 1993 and soon will be celebrating fifteen years of existence. The Czech Open 2007 may be a good occasion for such celebration of table hockey!

Czech Open 2003
There was an international tournament in Prague in the year 2003 which can be called the "zero year" of the Czech Open. There were 92 participants from five countries. The best player of this tournament was Jan Dryak. We may say that this tournament help the idea of establishing the international series of tournament - the EuroLeague.

1st Jan Dryak, 2nd Vladimir Studnicka, 3rd Espen Selbaek (NOR). Complete results.

winners of the Czech Open 2004 Czech Open 2004
The first year of the Czech Open was held on 1st May 2004 in Plzen. It was the last stage of the first EuroLeague season. There were 126 participants from ten countries. The Czech Open 2004 became the biggest tournament ever held in the Czech Republic. At the end Hans Österman got two cups - one for the tournament victory and the other for the overall victory in the Euroleague.

1st Hans Österman (SWE), 2nd Aleksey Zakharov (RUS), 3rd Rickard Sjöstedt (SWE). Complete results.

Czech Open 2005
The Czech Open moved from Plzen to the city of Pribram - to the seat of the biggest Czech table hockey club of that time. Unfortunately a lot of foreign top-players did not want to travel to the Czech Republic only a few weeks before the World Championship held in Riga. Although there were 89 participants from ten countries. This tournament was won by the Czech junior star Lukas Turon.

1st Lukas Turon, 2nd Jan Dryak, 3rd Stanislav Kraus. Complete results.

Jan Suchy - winner of the Czech Open 2006 Czech Open 2006
Third year of the Czech Open was held in the capital of the Czech Republic - Prague. It was a part of the first season of the World League. 117 players from ten countries came to Prague to battle for the tournament victory and also for wild cards for the European Championship. Two players from Plzen met in the finals - Jan Suchy beat Stanislav Kraus.

1st Jan Suchy, 2nd Stanislav Kraus, 3rd Lukas Turon. Complete results.

Czech Open 2007
Back in Plzen! We hope to organize a bigger tournament than the Czech Open 2004. Will you help us and come to play here? You are most welcome here!

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