Trinec, 13th March 2004


58 players participated at the 7th Czech Cup tournament of 2003/2004 season in Trinec on 13th March. The winner was Lukas Turon, 2nd Jan Suchy, 3rd Pavel Plesak.

Story of the tournament in Trinec

Tomas Behr is always very thoroughly prepared for each tournament. He is preparing the game before the first face-off.

Each player waits for the first face-off in his own way ...

The tournament was running very quickly without breaks, so I was unable to take pictures of the group matches ...

Trinec was the first official tournament, where were installed suplaks on every game. Great success certified them for using them at all our tournaments. Big thanks goes to Zbynek Pilar !!!

Once more, Zbynek, Thank You !

1/8 final: junior Miroslav Hubacek (13 years) tries to eliminate David Smid. David won 2:4, 2:0, 3:0, 2:3, 5:1.

Neither the other junior Zdenek Matousek (13 years) promoted to quarterfinals. Stanislav Kraus stopped him.

Though this day belonged to the youth! It was thanks to the home star Lukas Turon. Remember his face carefully, the starry future waits for him - he is just 14 years old !

In this quarterfinals beats Jan Suchy (19 years) Petr Bernardin (17 years). Petr has reached his best position at the tournament of Czech Cup: 6th place.

Very carefully watched quarterfinals between the international star Jan Dryak and the home star Lukas Turon.

After a very impressive fight Jan had to bow to the new talent from Trinec. Result: Lukas vs. Jan 6:5OT, 4:3OT, 2:3, 3:4, 5:4OT. Lukas has proved he doesn't know what is it to be nervous - he won three times in the overtime!

Semifinals between Stanislav Kraus and Lukas Turon. Stanislav shows his optimistic smile ...

At the end could show his smiles Lukas (but haven't showed them YET ..). Stanislav lost his 2:0 leading in this series and had to look for Pavel Plesak for the bronze medal match.

Jan Suchy talked to the TV camera when waiting for his final opponent. He beat Pavel Plesak in semifinals series 3:0.

Also the other finalist - Lukas Turon - wasn't afraid of anything and gave his first TV interview. You can see first smile on his face.

Bronze medal series between Pavel Plesak and Stanislav Kraus has confirmed that they are the best and the third best scoring player at Czech Cup. Pavel has won 5:7, 7:5, 5:4.

Finals Jan Suchy vs. Lukas Turon. Lukas wasn't afraid not even of the other much more experienced opponent and ...

... after results 4:2, 5:6, 5:3, 4:3 could rejoice at his first won tournament of the Czech Cup. He receives congratulations from his father.

Congratulations once more, this time officially ...

The winners shine with TV-smiles. Table hockey in the Czech Republic is a really pleasant sport!

Lukas Turon became 15th winner of the Czech Cup tournament. Since Czech Cup is held from 1991, it isn't so high number at all. You can see the statistics of all the winners of Czech Cup tournaments up to this time (tournament in Trinec was 124th in the history of Czech Cup):

39 won tournaments - Pavel Plesak
24 - Vladimir Studnicka
17 - Jan Dryak

9 - Libor Grabec
9 - Jan Suchy
6 - Silvestr Novotny
5 - Pavel Chalus
5 - David Smid
3 - Michal Hvizd
2 - Pavel Navratil
1 - Göran Agdur
1 - Vlasta Hejtman
1 - Stanislav Kraus
1 - Evzen Roth
1 - Lukas Turon

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