Milovice, 3rd April 2004


8th tournament of the Czech Cup 2003/2004 took place in Milovice on 3rd April. There were 66 players participating. Winners: 1st Jan Suchy, 2nd Jan Dryak, 3rd Stanislav Kraus.

Playing in Milovice for 12 years

It's quite unbelievable that in this small town table hockey tournaments are held already from the year 1993. Milovice is known in the Czech Republic especially because of its home for the Soviet Army in the past. The Army left in 1991. Two years after came table hockey players to this place ... and have stayed up to this time. A very good proof are results from the first tournament here (March 1993): 1st Studnicka, 2nd Musil, 3rd Plesak.

The director of the tournament Josef Kraus controls its process. At the background is the mayor of Milovice. Thanks!

Picture from the basic group - top six players promote to the final group A. The concentration of players shows that to promote is a very hard task (the fact is that just from this group didn't promote few participants of A group from past tournaments).

According to the world ranking the second best lady in the world Kristýna Baščanová has returned back after few tournaments to the Czech Cup. As usually she looked pretty and in addition she participated on the continuation of the respectable series of Vladimír Kraus. Together with ...

Jan Hluzek they took him the needed points in order to he was capable to fulfil his goal - to finish at the 7th place in the group (the first non-promoting place). I would like to thank both of these players and I wonder who will be my opponent at B-group finals next time! I guess that more "A-group players" should visit the B-group. To play in B-group is much more relaxating than to play A-group (you don't have to be nervous because of the possibility of winning the whole tournament). I have asked the foreign players to try to make more Czech "A-group players" attend B-group at the Czech Open :o)))

The youngest participant of the tournament Patrik Petr (9 years old) has finished at D-group at nice 2nd place.

Also a few of talents from Cheb have participated at the tournament. You can see Milan Kriz.

Karel Konecny tries how it would be, if ...

Already at 1/16 finals brought the repetition of the extraordinary series from the last tournament between Jan Dryak vs. Lukas Turon. Lukas was leading 2:0 in matches, but finally after results 3:4 OT, 1:3, 3:2, 4:3, 6:5 has won Jan.

And it really wasn't an easy victory ...

Jan Dryak continued at the winning hand shaking also at the quarterfinals against the winner of A-group Pavel Plesak. Results of this series: 2:1, 7:3, 7:2.

Semifinals brought matches between Vladimir Studnicka vs. Jan Dryak and Jan Suchy vs. Stanislav Kraus. Finally both of Jan were winners.

At the bronze match has won Stanislav and after two 4th places from two last tournaments he finally reached the medal.

The concentration of both Jan before finals watches another participant of finals Martin Kralik. He played at the Czech-Slovak finals of above meant B-group.

The winner was Jan Suchy and he approved his first position at the Czech ranking. Results of finals: 2:1, 6:2, 2:1.

Pavel Chalus and Pavel Plesak carefully watch the finals.

Jan Suchy gets the cup for winner. What about in Plzen on 1st May ?

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