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Latvian player
Everybody is welcomed to Riga. If you are not in nomination and can't play at this venue, you can arrive just as a visitor. We hope you have found all necessary information about the Championship on this web page.

If you want to participate then take a look at the list of participants. For each category there is a limited count of participants from each country. If you don't find your country in the list, or if you find only estimated count of participants, please send us email as soon as possible. All the players have to be registered till 16th May, 13:00 PM! Do not hesitate to send us the names of players as soon as possible. Don't forget to write down a list of competitions in which players want to participate! As you can find out from the schedule, ladies, juniors and veterans cannot play at basic groups of the team competition!

List of members of teams (both national and ladies team) have to be delivered before the competition will start - national team till Saturday, 4th June, 13:00 PM, ladies team till Sunday, 5th June, 12:00 PM. Each team must have a captain (a member of the team).

During the registration on Friday, passports or other documents of each participant will be checked - to verify nationality and birth year. Photos of each player will be made - it will be used on these pages in photo gallery and together with results.

Neither participants, nor visitors have to pay ani fee.

Any question can be aswered by email.

Looking forward to meet you in Riga!