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Sequence filtering
Trefik can find the defined sequences for a team since April 2014. If the team has previous result as the sequence is defined then the next team match is returned at the window Offer. This is the way how we can analyse the next matches after the defined result sequence. The next match (= the match which is displayed at the Offer window) can have a result (then we can check the next matches results) or not yet played (then we can consider betting this match as our defined result sequence is just active).

Let's show how to work with the result sequences.
The sequence can be defined as a part of the Filter for the Offer window:
Filter / Sequence
The filter does not need to contain any other condition. It is enough just to activate the choice Sequence and choose a defined sequence. The button Edit allows creating / editing the sequence definitions:
Sequence - definition
This window brings the sequence definition:

You can set for which team is the sequence definied at the top part of this window. If there is checked "home + guest team" then the found match can contain sequences for both teams (home and also guest team can have the same results at the previous matches). The letter "S" marks the team with the active sequence at the window Offer.

The next part of sequence definition are the conditions for the previous matches of the TEAM.
The match with number 1 is the match of the same team just prior the match for which the sequence is built.
The match with number 2 is the previous match to match 1 for the same team.

An exception from what is stated above is valid. If the conditions are defined just for the home (or just for away) matches then the match which was played at the opposite ground is skipped and the previous match is taken instead (an example is stated later here).

Each row contains TWO conditions which must be met. The first condition is for the home match of the team. The second condition is valid for the match played away.
Just one condition is applied from each row dependind on the current match.

If we check the following samples:
The match with the number 1, it means just the previous team match, has set the condition for the away match: "Guest win". The home match has the condition "NOT ALLOWED". Which means that the previous team match must have been played away and the team had to win that match. If the previous team match was played at home or if the team did not win then the match does not meet the sequence conditions.

The match with the number 2, it means the second previous team match, has set the condition for the home match: "Home lost" (it means the lost of the considered team when playing at home). The away condition is not set. If the team match was played away then no condition is considered and the next previous match is taken instead. The home condition would be applied for that another previous match (will be illustrated later).

The match with the number 3, it means the third previous match, has not set the condition for the home match. The away match condition is set to "Home win" (= the lost of the considered team, because the considered team is the away team in this case).

How the situation looks at the real sample?
Offer - sequence
These are the matches where home team meets the defined result sequence. .

We can check the sequence conditions by expanding the detail button at the left of each row and activating the section HOME:
Offer - sequence

Match 1 = team Niort won the last match at Laval,
Match 2 = Niort lost the second previous match at home with Brest,
Match 3 = Niort lost the third previous match played away at Lens.
And checking the sequence at another match:

Match 1 = Sogndal won at Haugar H.,
Match 2 = Sogndal played at Ardal .. but the sequence definition for this match is defined just for the home match. So this match is skipped and another previous match is considered instead. So this time Sogndal lost with Stromsgodset at home,
Match 3 = Sogndal lost at Bodo Glimt.
The sequence definition can contain different conditions - see the conditions for columns and it is possible to check impact of many kinds of sequences for the results of next matches.

When testing the sequences it is important to keep in mind that the sequences are build just with the matches visible at the window Offer (when the sequence checkbox would be inactive). That is why it is important to set the start date to a past day which would cover all matches we would like to have at the sequences.
It is also important that just the matches meeting all other filter conditions would be taken into the sequences.

It is recommended to test each new condition (Filter / Conditions) to see whether it is defined properly.

And it is also important to differ the conditions for home and away matches.
This must be kept in tennis because it is not defined if the players play at home or away. So the tennis sequence definition must have set both conditions for "home" and "away" matches set .. and both conditions must be set as opposite definitions with each other (i.e. home condition = home win; away condition = away win .. at both cases the considered team win). This is the only way how the sequence definition could work for tennis and other competitions where the match home ground does not exist.