Filming the World Cup 2001

Canadian TV at the World Cup!

This World Cup will be interested with one more fact - the whole event will be part of a film made for Canadian TV.

The production company TRIAD FILMS from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada asked us to let them film this World Cup. They are making a professional (but low-budget as they keep reminding us) documentary about Table Hockey and wanted to have some material from the Stiga World Cup, the most important international championship. They will be following two players experiences throughout the tournament, Pierre Chastenais from Montreal and Roger Owens from New York City. They may also want to interview some International players.

We had agreed because this documentary will promote table hockey all over the world and it could begin new future of this sport.

The producers would (hopefully) like to distribute this documentary program on television all over the world. They have prepared some standard legal forms for every participant of the World Cup to sign giving them permission to use your image. These forms will be available at Friday's presentation.

It is not possible (too expensive) to promise everyone a free copy of the film but the producers have offered to let everyone join a list that will keep you informed of the films progress and to allow you to purchase a copy of the film at a very low cost (at no profit for the filmmakers) when it is completed in 2002, about a year from now.

Filming staff has new technology for filming. A very small overhead camera will be used for filming some match ups. The camera is very small so it should not interfere with players in any way. Also the whole filming staff won't distract players.

Please always keep smiling during the World Cup. You could be filmed in any moment and millions of TV spectators would see you are so happy :-)

Vladimír Kraus

Filming the World Cup

Hello fellow Table Hockey fanatics. My name is Thor Henrikson and I am directing a documentary film about our favorite sport, Table Hockey.

Our film will talk about the history of the game but most importantly will meet some of the interesting players who play the game. In Pilsen we will be following two characters, Pierre Chastenais and Roger Owens. We also hope to meet with some of you if you are not too shy of the camera.

We do our very best to not interfere with the players and the matches but it is also important to us to be able to get the best footage we can to show to our audience. I am sure that once you see us work you will become as excited about it as we are.

Hopefully we can make a quality documentary that will help the sport grow. Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

As Vladimír Kraus mentioned we will have a permission form that we will need you to sign when you register. If for some reason you really do not want to be filmed (perhaps you are wanted by INTERPOL?) just let us know and we will do our best not to film you.

We would very much like to be able to give everyone free copies of the film when it is done but due to the cost this is not possible. What we have worked out with WC organizers though is to create a list of people who would like to be contacted when the film is done and offer those people who sign up a copy of the film for the cost of duplication and mailing. I hope that sounds fair. I am sure that we can get a free copy to the team captains and if you want to make duplicates for the rest of the team we'll look the other way. We won't be finished until 2002 so it is still a little early to figure all of this out, I'm sure you'll all get to see it somehow.

Once again I thank you all for your kindness in letting us come and be a part of World Cup 2001. Best of luck to you all!

Thor Henrikson - Director/Writer
Bill Kerrigan - Cameraman
Heather Nicholson - Production Coordinator
Olivier Leger - Sound Recordist

PS; Are any of you historians of the game? If you can speak OK English and know a lot about the history of the game in Europe we'd very much like to talk to you.

If you have any questions you may contact me at

Thor Henrikson
Folklore Films
6292 Yukon St, Halifax, NS - B3L 1G1

Bill Kerrigan (Left Wing) and Thor Henrikson (Right Wing) film Pierre Chastenais (Center)